I’ve been playing Battletech for a couple years now. Before that I played Star Wars Miniatures sorta competitively. I prefer Battletech for a whole bunch of reasons. 1) Its far cheaper, 2) The rules set is far more elegant and doesn’t suffer from extreme powercreep and convoluted rules (when sticking to certain eras, Inner Sphere), 3) Star Wars Miniatures died when it was no longer supported by Wizards and 4) Battletech plays a lot longer than Star Wars Miniatures. Mechs can take hits. They’re in it for the long haul. SWM was a game of millimeters. One misstep and a powerful unit is completely wiped from the board. Battletech is far more cat and mouse. I’m playing Battletech in Game Club at school and with a group of former students. I’m excited about gaming with my former students because they’re among the smarter tacticians that I’ve had the opportunity to game with and they actually provide me with a challenge. Game Club at school is more social training than it is enjoyable gaming for me. I love doing it, but the actual tactical and strategic gaming runs secondary to the fact that most of the kids just need a model for social interaction.


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