Overday in Preparation

We do two big events at our school Game Club to raise funds for the club.  The kids just aren’t responsible enough to do classic school fundraising.  This started about nine years ago as the “Overnight”, in which we played games all night from Friday night to Saturday morning in our school cafeteria.  Girls and boys had separate “sleeping” areas.  Nobody slept anyway.  Teenagers don’t sleep while playing games.  It was all good.  Never had a single incident.  When I say they’re not “responsible” enough to fundraise, I probably should say they’re “too flaky” to fundraise because I have rarely had any behavior responsibility issues in Club, other than those related to the fact that it sucks to be 15 and not know how to interact with people.  That is what club is for.

Anyway, when my co-sponsor Ben and I got to last year, we just couldn’t handle overnighting it ourselves anymore.  So, For the last year and a half we’ve had an “Overday”, all day Saturday.  We provide a simple lunch and pizza for supper.  And then we just play games.  We have tournaments.  Some are pay-in (like Magic because the cost of the cards is so great), but most are supported by club.  I run events that the kids and I are mutually interested in.  Here’s the tournament schedule so far for this year:

Battletech Vehicle scenario

I always run a Battletech event because it is what I am interested in.  This year, I’ve decided to introduce the vehicle rules at this Overday.  I have four sets of vehicles based upon BV for kids to pick from to run, each with a different “tHeme”.  I will be running four Mechs, and the goal will be for them to force my Mechs to withdraw, according to the Forced Withdrawal rules.  Somebody will play the lone assault tank, and others will get combinations of VTOLs and light or medium tanks.


Should be a lot of fun.  The prizes for this event are supported by club.  I’m sad to say that one of our FLGS’ had a fire in an adjacent unit.  They had a smoke/water damage sale and I got a Mountain hexpack for five bucks for the main prize.  Normally we wouldn’t be able to afford retail cost on a prize like that and it wouldn’t be fair for a tournament of just four players (I doubt I’ll get that many).  Other prizes include Battletech “starter packs” that I have constructed that consist of a Mech printout, a map, a copy of the quick start rules, a Mech taken from an intro box set, and 2D6.  Basically everything they need to start playing in a neat little package.

Magic Tournaments



-Intro deck tournament

Magic has been really popular in club the last few years after a few year hiatus.  The student I have that runs these tournaments is really good at understanding that we want people to like Magic, so he really pushes the Intro Deck tournament to level the playing field for all experience levels.  We need packs for these tournaments, so we have to charge students above and beyond what they pay for their entry fee.  But, there are prize packs and the kids love being able to drop in to a Magic tournament at basically any point.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

I’m actually kinda surprised that this game is so popular in club right now, mostly within the Magic crowd.  I mean, its a great game and I love it to death, but I’ve really struggled to get kids in game club interested in “German STYLE” Board Gaming.  I’m tickled pink that they are interested so I thought about doing a scenario design contest for this but there just hasn’t been any ground swell for it.  They are simply categorically opposed to unrequired homework, even if its for gaming.  ;P  I’ll take one more shot at it over the next club meeting before the Overday.

Pokemon X/Y Tournament

I’m not sure of the exact format here but I think its best of three matches with a big pile of restrictions on broken pokemon.  Then bracketed from there on out.  The club President runs this one.

DND Campaign Yearly Wrap Up

Not really a tournament, per se, but we’ll wrap up our DND campaign for the year and all PARTICIPANTS will receive Fortune cards that I got for cheap from the fire sale.  I learned this year that spending too much time planning a DND campaign for 15 year olds is a waste of time and I pretty much wing it now.  It goes great every time.  They’ll develop more sophisticated story palettes as they go along.  Right now they just want to kill things and take its stuff.

And there you have it!  It should be another great event.  There is a lot of work for setup as essentially we run a mini “Con” in our cafeteria.  There will be freeplay on a huge quantity of other games including 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, a variety of board games, they’ll run entire TV series continuously, movies, and some of them just sit around and talk.  Its come as you are and judge no one.  A powerful message.



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