RPG Update

I’ve been simultaneously playing a few RPGs on 3DS:

Bravely Default – I love the job system and skill combinations.  Its easy to break, but I self-impose difficulty.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked (second playthrough) – I love the combined grid based tactical play with the demon skill learning/transfer system.  The voiced dialogue of Overclocked is a nice bonus.

Etrian Odyssey IV – I love the mapping.  I’m not a fan of the overworld/dungeon split in this game and it is frequently difficult to know where to go.

I also have Devil Survivor 2 waiting in the wings.

I’m kinda in this rut right now where I start a game and struggle to finish it.  I’m just really busy with school and home stuff.  Its hard to concentrate at the end of a school year.  Our five furry children (three dogs and two cats) take up a lot of time.  I’ll likely finish Bravely Default first.  I really do like the game, but the repetitiveness of Chapters 5 and 6 is getting to me a little.

Update to the update:

I forgot that I’m also playing Final Fantasy IV DS right now as well.  Man is that Monk OP.

I’ve also considered getting Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars.  I played the demo and liked it and there is just a ton of number mining in there.  My problems are twofold:  1) Early reviews are pretty bad.  They say that the dungeons are basically uninspired and uninteresting and “the crawl” is an important aspect to me. 2) I think I’d rather get Mario Golf: World Tour and I can’t afford both.  Mario Golf seems to even have RPG-esque elements in that you can get new equips from loot.  No character progression, mechanics-wise, but there is a thin story in the club house.


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