Distance Gaming in the Modern Era

As I write this we’re role-playing the original Gamma World setting via distance and we have people from at least four States gaming all in one location.  We use Google Hangouts for our setup and DJ our GM uses two computers.  One computer is his normal “video chatting” computer and the second one is his “map” computer where he displays maps.

Google Hangout Gaming

I’m drinking tea in the lower right pic.

This has been a really useful interface and allows us to keep gaming even though we live in vastly different places.  At my age (not old by any means, but still grew up in the DOS era), the one thing that I demand of my RPG gaming is that I play with people that I like and that I don’t have to suffer through the bull crap of strangers unless I’m in a Con environment.  Tech allows me to do that.

To be completely honest, sometimes I’m so exhausted after a work day that even if my game was local, I may choose to not make it. With distance gaming, I’m simply much more inclined to participate in a session. I can game without pants.  I mean, that in of itself is useful.

Tabletop Role-playing has been changed by recent modern technical conveniences and this is one of the biggest impacts.

We’re in the process of picking up some equipment at the largest city in the area and we have to watch our backs in this very suspicious town.  Signing off.



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