Free Comic Book Day Omaha

People underestimate the comics and game scene in a community as “small” as Omaha.  We have seven or eight game or comic stores in our metro area, which is quite a bit per capita.



Free Comic Book Day is an event at Krypton Comics.  Cosplay, signings by B-listers, and most importantly the line.  The line starts about three hours in advance and is an event in itself.


Helllllooooooo, nurse! (The woman on the left, Lacee, is a former student of mine.)

20140503_102342 20140503_101637 20140503_101628 20140503_100813 20140503_100527 20140503_100451 20140503_100149 20140503_100117


Sound effects are becoming much more common in cosplay. The stormies, Mandalorians, and Gamorrean Guard all had sound effects or voice manipulation.


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