Battletech 8 vs 8 (Part 2)

I’ll do a more comprehensive report sometime this week with pictures.  A summary of last night’s action:

We only got two whole rounds in over three hours.  This had nothing to do with familiarity of the rules.  There was just a lot of debate between the players.  Josh and Zach were in the weaker position and they were trying very hard not to mess it up.  I think they succeeded in spades given their situation, but you can’t plan for roll’s of the dice.

Daniel and I are still holding the high ground, and are now in short range for most of our weapons, with a Depth 1 river separating us from them.

Daniel and I took a lot of armor damage and two more engine hits (three total on three Mechs, ugh) the last few rounds.

Josh and Zach have comparatively little armor damage, but they took two devastating attacks.  One did two engine hits on their heaviest hitter, a Crab with 2XPPC and 2X LB10X configuration.  Lots of armor on that thing, we got snake eyes on the hit location roll, and rolled two crits, both of them engine hits.  That is huge because with the extra ten heat it basically prevents them from using those PPCs except at a critical juncture.  In the last round, I hit Josh’s Champion in the head with an AC10.  He made the consciousness roll.  Then, during the physical attack phase, I kicked him.  He was standing in Depth 1 water and I was at Level 0.  That means punch location table on the Kick.  I rolled a 6, kicking him in the head, and killing his Mech.  Pretty dramatic moment.


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