The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (slight non-plot spoilers), Fables and Fairest

I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night.  I enjoyed it.  My wife found it a bit “goofy” at parts and she prefers her comic movies a bit more serious.  Trust me in that there is plenty of “serious” that happens in the movie and any comic fan who saw the trailers knows exactly which story arc is highlighted in this movie.  I really enjoyed the “goofy” parts because it really helps to capture the essence of the character.  I don’t blame her for not liking those parts though.

No, there are not five villains.  The Rhino is not the opening sequence and he hardly has any screen time.  There are allusions to other villains throughout the film.

The science in it was terrible.  All sorts of electromagnetism misconceptions were thrown around to justify dealing with Electro.  You can’t make web shooters “immune” to high amounts of electrical energy just by magnetizing them with a car battery.  Give me a freaking break.  Nor does 8th grade science give you the know-how to be able to accomplish anything on those lines.  I should probably point out, since this is a gaming blog, that I’m a full time high school science teacher and I teach all of these concepts.  The movie issues are twisted, gross oversimplifications of reality.

I mean, perhaps I should be happy that science is “the solution” to a lot of problems in the Spider-Man Universe, but it ultimately just makes my job harder as a science teacher and makes our populace dumber.

I like iconism in comic books.  I don’t read any Marvel or DC comics but I devour the movies.  I like the characters and their origin stories.  Batman is, hands down, my favorite.  I only read two books currently that I have a regular pull file for.  I read DC Vertigo Fables and the spin-off, Fairest.  Its R-rated modern day fairy tales long before Grimm and Once Upon A Time and all of the other TV rip offs that are running now.  They all stole the concept from Bill Willingham and his team.

I’m almost a year behind on it, but that’s because my professional job keeps me so busy.  I pulled my file at Free Comic Book Day and I was four issues behind in each.  I was four issues behind the last time I pulled it and still haven’t read those.  I’ve been reading Philip K. Dick instead, The Hunger Games books, and several others.  I have them organized and ready to go and I’m sure I’ll dive in soon. I would read all the time if I could.  😉


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