Video Game Round Up and Battletech tonight!

I have updates for two video games I’ve been playing over the last week, as well as a preview of Battletech tonight.

I finished my first full game in a long time in Sins of the Solar Empire.  I started pretty awkwardly, forgetting entirely that you can (and should) upgrade the tactical, logistical and population slots on your planets.  I also completely forgot about artifacts until the end of the game.  The tactician in me mourned the loss of any extra income I lost.  I take my time in RT4X games and it took me five and half hours to complete that game.

Another key thing that I forgot was that Entrenchment introduced Starbases, a favorite “unit” of mine.  Even though I can’t update Entrenchment (I paid for this copy, which I do for all of my games, but Impulse is dumb), I want to start my next game with that expansion to get those juicy starbases.

I’m getting better at Mario Golf: World Tour.  I currently have a Gold Trophy on the current America’s Low Handicap Tournament and I think my handicap is +5.5?  I solved a punch of the puzzle challenges that I struggled with last week and my drive placement and putting is better.  I’ve unlocked all of the base characters.  I’m working on Star Coins to get to 100 to unlock Moon Coins.  There is also the next DLC (I have the Season pass) to look forward to in about a week and trying the one-on, one-putt challenge in the Sky course.  I’m saving up mulligans for that one.

We have Battletech tonight in which we will keep plugging away at the 8 on 8 game that we started a month ago.  Its slow going, but there is a lot of action that has been happening.   Josh suggested a damage reduction rule that I’m considering.  He suggested that Lights get DR 1, Mediums get DR 2, Heavies get DR 3 and Assaults get DR 4.  That means that if you hit an Assault with a Medium Laser it only does 1 point of damage.  His goal is to increase realism such that the heaviest armor reacts differently to fire than lighter armor.  I’m really skeptical of this change for two reasons:  1) It nerfs the speed advantage of light and medium Mechs because it matters much less if they get behind Assault mechs.  They’re lighter weapons can’t penetrate.  Why would I ever take a Light or Medium Mech?  One of the things I like most about the game is that virtually any unit is viable in the base rule set and 2) Why would you ever take low damage weapons when they are ineffective against most Mechs and heavier weapons would never be at a disadvantage to a mech other than the lost damage from a missed shot?

I’m willing to try to find a compromise but I won’t sacrifice game balance or homogenization of lances to get the realism. We’ll keep talking.

In “life” news, which I want to keep to a minimum on this game-focused blog, I ran 800 meters in a 20 teacher relay versus our top marathon runner teacher.  I had to leave early so I’m not sure of the results just yet.  We were behind a lap when I left.  It doesn’t really matter if we win because it was all for the Girl’s Track team.  I did it in under four minutes, which surprised me, and I think its an indication of how my exercise regime has really been helping get me more fit over the last 17 months.


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