Battletech Update

Last night we continued our two lance on two lance game.  We’ve been playing it for two months now, due to a lot of factors.  Vacations, busy professional work, the fact that we get to only play for a few hours at a time and a little bit that our opponents take a long time to decide their moves (;P) are all part of it.  Still, its been an enjoyable game and its given us some ideas of which Tac Ops rules we want to incorporate into our next game.  Our next game will probably be smaller (lance on lance).

End of round seven positions are in the pics below.  Daniel and I are in Blue/Black, Yellow/Red and mostly Black and Red.  Josh and Zach are in Camo.  We played two rounds last night and Daniel and I lost initiative both times.  That forced us into defense.  My gut instinct was not to just let Zach’s Crab soak damage, but our lowest to hit numbers were at it so we mostly concentrated on trying to take it down.  That wasn’t a terrible plan because it was bristling with weapons.  We scored a huge victory against it in round five by scoring two engine hits.  Zach and Josh have the positional advantage right now and we have the advantage in material.  Its close though.  Three of our Mechs have engine hits or have fallen down (or both), but we should be able to squeeze at least one more round of attacks out of two of them.

20140622_073500 20140622_073508 20140622_073513 20140622_073519

The big dramatic happening of rounds six and seven was that Daniel got a lucky crit on the Rifleman’s Right Torso (see below) and detonated six remaining AC10 rounds.  60 damage means death.  We had also killed Josh’s Champion in Round five.  The game has not been going well for Josh.  It just happened that the successful crits on our side have had bigger impacts than the many successful crits on their side.  We’ve had big dramatic victories and they’ve been steadily wearing us down.

2014-06-22 07.44.30

Pics below show some examples of how badly they’ve damaged some of our Mechs.  Both of them are mine as I’ve been in the thick of the fighting.  The Enforcer has lost an arm and just auto-fell on a leg destruction.  Propping won’t do much as the only arm that I have to prop has the AC 10.  :/ My apologies for the blurry picture on the KillShot (custom Mech).  Its lost an arm and taken an engine hit, but should still get a solid Gauss shot in before it goes down.

20140622_073559  20140622_081245

Our big push for next round will likely be to attempt to eliminate the Crab, shown below.  Normally we wouldn’t pump a bunch of damage into a 100 ton Mech when we could concentrate on eliminating smaller ones, but our position, the immobility of the Crab, and the fact that its already taken two engine hits means that it is just one successful CT crit from destruction.  It can still easily put 30 damage on one of our Mechs so ignoring it completely just isn’t wise.  They pumped a lot of BV into this thing and eliminating it means a smoother ride towards a successful endgame.


I don’t expect anyone to read my chicken scratch below.  Its just an example of how we try to use a shorthand to keep track of who is firing at who in a round, who needs to make Piloting rolls, and what our movement modifiers are in case dice get knocked over.   This way if there are any disputes we can resolve them quickly and amicably.


 So, it has been a fun game.  We’re poised to start incorporating most of the Tac Ops rules into our next game and possibly working towards a campaign of some sort.  DJ, you’re welcome to play PBEM if you want.  😉


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