What of the reports of the TEC fleet massing near Sullust?

The Steam Summer Sale has hit!  I wrote earlier about how Stardock is convinced that my physical copy of Sins of the Solar Empire that I purchased isn’t linked to my email, so at 7 bucks for the full game I went ahead and re-purchased it to get a new game key.

Right now I’m working on a Huge map with all Normal opponents.  I usually find Normal to be too easy for me, but I also find Hard a little too stressful to handle for the reasons that I’m playing Sins (to relax, and to crush my enemies and see them driven before me).  So, I usually will up the difficulty by just creating one or two Hard difficulty opponents with the rest being Normies.

Here is my current galaxy view.  Eighty-eight planets and I am orange.  I currently have fully upgraded Argonev starbases at all of my major chokepoints and have my fleet working on the dominant Purple AI in the lower right part of the map.  I have already wiped two of their major fleets and I’m on the move.


I’ve almost conquered the system below.  The AI arrived with a huge fleet before it became readily apparent that it was outgunned so it has started to retreat.  I like the AI in Sins as an RT4X, because it will not just smash itself against a superior force.  It will retreat and live to fight another day.  That can get annoying (some people just don’t know when they’re conquered ;P ) because you’ll end up chasing little fleets around as they retreat from system to system until you get Jump Inhibiters to slow them down.

2014-06-22_00002 2014-06-22_00003

Now that I’m back into the game and have my bearings, my plan is to finish this game and start a new one with tougher opponents that I can slowly work on over time.



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