Behold the Battletechy Carnage – Game Report

I’ve started to follow Send Three Squads To Help, a gaming blog by hive_angel on the Battletech Forums.  He isn’t updating daily, which I don’t blame him, but I wanted to give him a shoutout because he writes really detailed battle reports of exactly what happens in each round of combat.

I’m not going to do that because I just don’t have the patience to write it all down or to collect and go through everybody’s round sheets.  But what I will do is summarize what happened roughly.

When last we left our fearless Mechwarriors, the two sides were pretty evenly matched.  Josh and Zach had lost two Mechs from engine explosions, and Daniel and I had taken heavy armor damage on three of our Mechs, with engine hits on all of those and a fourth.

Josh and Zach were a little late so Daniel talked a little bit about our strategy.  My Killshot (55 ton custom with Gauss/2 ML/SL) had taken heavy damage, was standing in heavy woods, and it was honestly a miracle that it lived through last round.  They had scored a critical on the arm and there was a really good chance that they would hit the Gauss Rifle on it, causing a 20 point explosion.  Luckily, it scored an arm actuator hit.  We decided it best to “sacrifice” the Killshot and use it to district that front, because we greatly outnumbered them on the other front.  It was standing in Heavy Woods, so we agreed to just rotate it so it faced the enemy.

Several of our Mechs were on the ground.  On Josh and Zach’s side, a Stinger had lost a leg and an arm and the arm that could propr had the remaining weapons.  So, it was out of commission.  On Daniel and I’s side, Daniel’s Panther had fallen, but was barely damaged.  He stood up and resumed fighting.  My Enforcer was down, and almost out.  I had lost a leg and an arm.  The AC10 was on the arm I would need to prop, and so my only viable weapon was a torso mounted SL.  That actually turned out to be important though.

I should mention before continuing that we decided to use a clock in this game and it helped tremendously with turn speed.  We did two minutes for each sides two moves and offered courtesy “stoppage” time if someone had a complex attack declaration and took a little longer to figure out their modifiers.

As we started the first round, Daniel and I basically stayed put and moved as described above just to get better fire arcs.  Josh and Zach did not take the bait and started moving their forces toward the side in which they were outnumbered.  I think that, ultimately, dividing their forces at the beginning of the game really hurt them because their ability to concentrate fire was divided across two fronts and ours was a bit more centralized.

My Killshot took heavy fire from one of Zach’s Mechs (don’t remember which one), lost the Gauss Rifle, lost a leg, lost both arms, fell down, and was basically out of the game.  The rest of our Mechs took pretty light damage in this round and, other than finishing off the Killshot,  it was one of the worst damage rounds for Zach and Josh.  Daniel and I didn’t do a lot of damage either, but our damage really counted.  Daniel destroyed a PPC on the King Crab and my Small Laser on my crippled and fallen Enforcer went internal on the torso and took out an LB-10X on the King Crab.  The LB-10X was huge because with two engine hits already, it reduced the behemoth’s fire power even more.

That round was really the critical round.  In the next two rounds, the Crab dodged a lot of leg hits by continuing to stand in Depth 1 water, and turned its back to us using its rear armor, but still took some damage.  Josh’s Raven took heavy fire, lost a side torso, took two engine hits, lost a leg, and almost had a CT internal structure completely wiped.  Daniel’s Hunchback took an engine hit, but that was pretty much it for our side other than light damage spread across all of our Mechs.  Josh and Zach missed a lot of shots.

Josh requested we call it after three total round in the evening with a final situation of:

Josh and Zach

Champion CHP-1N2: Destroyed (ammo hit)

Rifleman RFL-3C: Destroyed (ammo hit)

Stinger: On the ground, unable to fire

Raven RVN-4X: On the ground, crippled, too far from the action to matter

King Crab KGC-010: Heavily damaged with two engine hits, PPC, and an LB-10X lost

Wolverine: Lightly damaged

Catapult CPLT-C1b (with LRMs switched out for SRM6s): Lightly damaged

One Mech that I can’t remember: Moderately damaged

Overall: Two Mechs destroyed, two severely crippled, one heavily damaged

Daniel and Michael

Killshot: Both arms and one torso destroyed, leg destroyed, Gyro and Heat Sink Lost, unable to stand up (Leg lost and gyro destroyed is +8 to piloting skill roll…impossible)

Vindicator VND-1SIC: Light damage, engine hit

Vindicator VND-1AA “Avenging Angel”: Moderate damage, engine hit

Enforcer ENF-4R: Crippled and heavily damaged, leg destroyed, arm destroyed, propped firing SL only as AC10 was on the propping arm.

Panther PNT-8Z: Heavy damage, three lost heat sinks

Charger CGR-1A9: Light damage

Guillotine GLT-4P: Moderate armor damage, one lost heat sink

Hunchback HBK-4G: Heavy damage, engine hit

Overall: Two Mechs severely crippled, two heavily damaged

Daniel and I were the winners.  I personally think that some lucky rolls could have swung the game back to Josh and Zach, but Josh was pretty weary of the game at this point.


20140628_203644 20140628_203653 20140628_203658 20140628_203706

By calling it, we had some time at the end of the evening to discuss the next game, clean up the board, and play a round of Scotland Yard before the guys took off.

Our current plan is to do a two-on-two free-for-all with damage, kill, and objective-based scoring.  We are going to do two Mechs, 3000 BV max.  More on that as we continue to discuss it.



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