Coming Up…On Tactical Thinking

I’ve been at an education conference for the last week so not much has happened here.  I only had the Galaxy with me and you gotta be pretty committed or desperate to blog on a tiny little screen. 😉

The gaming/blogging plans for this week include:

1) I worked on building a lot of Mechs, and, for the first time ever, calculated their BV myself.  I can see why experienced players recommend doing this.  It doesn’t really surprise me, because numbers games really require gamers to deconstruct how the numbers work to understand things.  Most of what I built was of a Clan base.  Clan weapons definitely cost more.  I think when you combine both BV and C-bill cost, that can work wonders to balance the Clan tech with Inner Sphere.  I doubt many people calculate C-Bills, but in a campaign style, that is what would balance the Tech.  I think in a BV-balanced game, the reduced C-Bill cost of Inner Sphere techs can mean an entire extra Mech or two on a side, and that’s a big balancer.  I’ll post specific designs I did soon.

2)  I’ll post pictures of the board for our upcoming game sometime this week.

3)  Gamma World this Friday!  I’ll try to do a report for that game.  Hey DJ, can my character mutate again?  Its kind of a combat machine right now and that really isn’t my thing.  We’ll chat.  But, post your thoughts below if you wouldn’t mind!

4) Education conference means lots of free school supplies.  Bic had a booth and that means tons of free mechanical pencils.  Call me crazy, but I’m going to do a post of my love of pencils sometime this week.  I’m not joking.


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