Gamma World Report

I’ve been playing the very old school (gamer code for awesome) Gamma World RPG for about six months now with my buddy DJ and a bunch of our friends.  We’ve been doing this over Google Hangouts because we all live in different cities and States.  Here’s the update for Friday’s game:

Gamma World is a far-future post-apocalyptic role-playing game.  The setting imagines what might happen if humans started mutating after a nuclear holocaust in fantasy-like ways.  There are all sorts of cool mutations that your character may develop such as mind reading, photosynthetic skin, wings, etc.  Use your imagination.  Think of X-Men meets Fallout and you’ll get a pretty good picture.

My character is essentially an Ent with soft skin instead of bark.  His name is Daberforth.  I rolled poorly on his intelligence, so I’m playing him like Luto from Labyrinth. Gentle giant.  I’m as tall as a two story house, produce a paralytic musk, get food photosynthetically and am about to sprout vines from my hands and arms.

The only problem is that it can be tough for me to play a character with low intelligence because it forces me to stay out of ideas of what we should accomplish next.  And the idea part is what I like most about role-playing.  So, I’ve kinda boxed myself into a corner if I play the character true to stats.  It has been an important experiment for me, but I’ve learned that it just doesn’t work for my style of role-playing.  Plus, I’m perpetually concerned that playing an unintelligent character ends up just playing a stereotype and its unfair for me to portray an individual with those challenges in such a cavalier manner.  So, maybe I’ll mutate a higher intelligence score and get a disadvantage to balance it.

The goal of this game, as an adventuring party, has been to investigate and respond to the threat of “Golden Warriors”, advanced cybernetic zombies, that have been terrorizing villages in the area.  We have no ideas to their motives, but over the course of the campaign we’ve learned quite a bit about their habits, strengths and weaknesses.  I haven’t played a campaign style like this in a while and I’m really enjoying it.  In most RPGs, the “encounter” model rules the day.  You come up against a trap, or foe that has a weakness.  You find it, you exploit it, you move on.  DJ has cooked up some really tough foes that have required us to recon and do fighting withdrawals to learn as much as we can for the next encounter.

Lastly, we have a submarine.  I’ve been in submarines in RPGs before (a Spycraft game and possibly a Steampunk game, I don’t remember).  I’ve never “possessed” a submarine.  I don’t know why, but I find this awesome.  I just want to go off story and explore the ocean.  But, I won’t.  ;P

More on Gamma World as it happens.  We have a DND 5th game in the near future.  I’ll be posting my impressions of the recently released Basic Rules tomorrow.


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