New Introductory Box Set Mechs

The new Intro Box Set was released a few months back.  The major change to it was an increase in the quality and molding of the included miniatures.  With the popularity of Battletech increasing by leaps and bounds in Game Club at school, I decided that this new box set was a worthy expenditure to continue to support the game with students.  This will open up many of the old miniatures as prize support.  So, here’s some pictures of the new miniatures before I get to painting them!

They’re very pretty:









The new premium Mechs look great and are very easy to put together:



As of this posting, they are primed and ready to be painted.  I’m thinking about painting them in X-men themed colors.  There are two schools of thought on painting Mechs for my group:

1) You paint all of your Mechs the same color with combinations of dots on the base to identify individuals.  This has the benefit of making it very easy to see a distinction between your team and your opponent’s team (shirts vs, skins).  The problem is that it can often be difficult to see the two dots on the base identifying the specific Mech.  If you make them too bright, the Mech looks silly.

2) You paint all of your individual Mechs in color schemes that are easy to relate to something.  In our most recent game, one of my Mech’s had a yellow and red color scheme and it was super easy to identify it as “Iron Man.”  The downside is that it can make it difficult to know whose Mechs are on which side of the conflict.  It is then easier to ask: “Who is Storm?” rather than “Who is one red dot?”

I’m coming down on the side of number 2.


3 thoughts on “New Introductory Box Set Mechs

  1. donnaldjohnson

    you could try rub transfer numbers, like the kind you can get at Michael’s. paint the base white, and rub the number onto the base. I have come to the conclusion for my mechs is that since they are for a game, then they should be painted in game type color schemes. I have gone with a red, blue, green and yellow (although, since i have yet to find a good yellow paint, i have a very limited number of yellow game pieces, they can represent a NGO, or perhaps a UN style force on the battlefield). The drawback, is that if you want to make sure that the model matches the stats, then you have to have a huge number of mechs. I personally don’t feel the need to have a model match the stats, but I am probably the only one.

    And…OH MY GOsh!!!! they have a Mad Cat?


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