Finishing Up Gamma World

We finished up our Gamma World campaign last night in fun fashion!

Last night we finished up the Gamma World campaign with a bang…err…or a nuclear destabilization.

We started the game at Horn, preparing to decide how to get the nuclear warhead away from the Golden Warriors or to use it against them.  Outside the walls of Horn, a lone GW with a white flag approached and explained, via kit-bashed loud speaker, that we had a day to surrender or face annihilation.  We gunned this “envoy” down, and good thing too, because as soon as we hit him he self destructed.

I manifested my requested intelligence last night, but kept my third person speech as an homage to Daberforth’s original incarnation.  I went with the Doctor (no, not THAT Doctor) to visit the mayor to see how he might be able to help us for the final battle.  He was busy freaking out from the impending invasion.  I wrapped my root arms around him to make him face us and the Doctor slapped him; that’s what you do with an unruly person!  My roots had a side effect that I did not intend.  I started to Jedi Mind Trick him with my plant compounds.  We asked him to lead his people while we went to take care of the Golden Warriors and to stop destroying his collection of vintage Dungeon issues, which he so unwisely was shredding in his fit.  He also granted us the town’s platoon of tanks!

It turned out that the tanks were not really functional anyway, and the time needed to make a functional one was prohibitive.  We got our NPC minions Garth and Aaron and his family together.  We also managed to get another transmitter from a GW head.  Over this time, EVERY member of the game trickled into the Hangout and we had a full group!

We hit the road on our truck and got within 20 kilometers of the Marsh where the GW have their base.  They knew we were coming.  Two dozen of them started jetting in Iron Man-style.  Our techies, Captain Solomon, Garth and Aaron were able to disrupt quite a few of them with our acquired codes and broadcast system.  About a dozen landed and surrounded us.  Not wanting to get the truck destroyed (it was our only ride to the Marsh), we left it and charged one of the GWs.  Part of what makes these GWs tough to fight is that their shields absorb 70 points of damage before they can be damaged and then the 70 damage restarts in the next round.  We commenced our normal concentration of fire.  I had the idea of trying to use my vine powers to grapple one and then swing it like a flail.  We discovered that the shields are like those of Frank Herbert’s Dune and the “slow blade” penetrates them.  Not wanting to get close to them before, we now charged them knowing that physical attacks were their weakness.  I took out four before my flail disintegrated in a pus-y zombie mess.

We dispatched them in a spectacular battle and pushed forward into their base with intercepted warhead in tow.  We dropped it off in the base.  Many Bothans died, leaving the base.  The truck flipped, I was crushed by it and many others were damaged by GWs trying to stop us.  The key is that we detonated the bomb, removing the threat of the Golden Warriors and finishing the campaign.  They better build a statue to us. 🙂


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