Battletech Scenario Planning

After another rousing few games of Legendary last night, we’re ready to get back into Battletech!  What follows is a draft of our Scenario Rules that we’re mulling over for next time.  The various posts I’ve made recently with Mech construction has been helping me to prepare for this game.


The map will be set up as above.  The long central island contains the Gambit area referred to in the rules below.  Each player will start in one of the “corner” islands.  We’ll be flexible on this but I think it should be within six hexes of the side of the map.  The “pick up ore” objects will be placed on the center island in sandy areas near the top and bottom of the “spire”. Any Depth 2 ocean hexes in the “right” and “left” ocean can be used for that objective.

3000 BV, any number of units

Victory Point Structure:

3 points for eliminating an enemy Mech

1 point per 30 damage done to a specific Unit (does not include ammo explosion damage)

1 point per 20 damage done to units (any) in woods

1 point for a successful kick that does 10 or more damage

3 points for a Mech ending a round on the Elevation 6 middle mountain hex (max two times, does not stack with Elevation 4 Gambit)

1 point for ending a round with at least one unit on Elevation 4 or higher of the middle mountain

2 points for each unit surviving at the end of 10 rounds.



1) “Exploring” Ocean floor – One round completely submerged in each side ocean, giving up all attacks to “scan” (Mech only) – must do in two oceans

2) “Exploring” an island on the opposite side of the map of your starting position, give up all attacks and “scan” (Mech only)

3) Pick up valuable ore and return to starting hex. The ore will be placed in the bottom half of the central island.  The ore is loose, one level high (requires hull down) and must reach the starting hex with at least 50% of its original mass. (Mech must have at least one hand actuator to do this!)

Remember that the intent of the multiplier is to encourage players to go for these unique objectives and to prevent them from being ignored in favor of raw damage.

Scoring Matrix:


Mech Kills (3)


30 Dmg Specific Unit (1)


20 Dmg Woods (1)


10 Dmg Kick (1)


King Hill Gambit (3) – max twice


Elev. 4 Gambit (1)


Unit surviving ten rounds (2)


One Multiplier Goal achieved

X2 points

Two Multiplier Goals Achieved

X3 points

Three Multiplier Goals Achieved

X4 points

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