DND 5th Wizard

Here’s my crack at the Fifth edition Wizard.  I’m unlikely to play this right away as we have this cool multi-rogue party thing that we’re considering.

Wizard Page 1

Wizard Page 2

Lioncourt is an homage to my very first character in a “real” DND campaign that we started my first year in college at Bradley Hall at the University of Wisconsin.  Fenek Lioncourt was a Lawful Good Paladin.  I played him exactly to alignment, which the other players did not appreciate. 😉

The Wizard in DND Fifth is more powerful than prior incarnations.  It is everything that the grognards have always hated about Wizards.  They complain that the Wizard is “unbalanced” and that it will overtake all other players in terms of power, especially at high levels.  Yep, it will do that.  My response is: so what?  It isn’t like the Wizard doesn’t have huge disadvantages.  It is a glass cannon.  Worrying about Wizard balance is all about worrying about numbers.  Numbers do not a character make.

As with other classes in this new edition, the designers kept the best of the old in combination with the new.  Cantrips are the equivalent of Fourth Edition At-Wills.  This continues the modern tradition of every character being able to continue to fight at all times.  Slotted spells retain the huge boost in power that Encounter spells had in Fourth.  If a spell has the “ritual” tag (common utilities like Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic and Identify, among others), you can spend 10 minutes casting them as a ritual and then you will not expend a spell slot.  This will eliminate the silly “well, now I’m dead because I deigned to detect magic on that ornate looking locked door.  Shame on me for investigating!”

So, best of the new and old.  This Wizard is not a combatant Wizard.  Its a Mountain Dwarf Wizard!  I would intend for him to use cantrips in combat, and be an excellent utility Wizard in towns.  I envision him being on a quest for knowledge, specifically what unites and separates religious magic from arcane magic.  It would be a lot of fun to interact with NPCs and nature with those goals!


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