Star Trek: Enterprise and Next Gen

My wife and I have a few shared hobbies and one of them is to watch Star Trek together.  We just finished Enterprise together.  It took us about a year.  Spoilers after the jump.

Enterprise had been recommended to me a few years ago by my brother-in-law but it wasn’t really interesting to me at the time.  I was wrong.  Enterprise is, by far, my second favorite Trek series after Next Generation.

After watching all four season, I have a few observations.  The third and fourth seasons were especially strong, featuring some of the most interesting situations and extended plot lines.  Phlox is my favorite character, hands down.  He often had a very empathetic and logical perspective on things that were happening around them.

It was interesting to watch Tucker and Tpol’s relationship develop.  I don’t care for the decision to have their child die and I also don’t care for the manner in which Tucker died.  I thought Hoshi had some ok development by the end, gaining confidence and taking command of the ship.  Travis suffered a similar fate as her:  low billing.  This meant that they never really got much traction for character development at all.  Archer gets plenty of screen time and development, and it was nice to see him go from xenophobic to advocating for a Federation at the end.

Regarding the theme song, I started not understanding why people hated it so much.  And then, when I got to season 3 and they switched it to the “upbeat” version, I understand why people dislike it. The more serious tone of the first two season’s theme song was better.

We’re going to rewatch Next Generation over the next few years over dinner and we started last night with Farpoint 1 and 2.  My wife hates Q and I don’t blame her.  Not “hates the character” mind you.  I mean, hates any episodes in which he appears because they tend to be over the top and a little silly.  Still, rewatching Encounter at Farpoint for the first time in years I picked up some interesting things that I haven’t before.  The whole battle bridge sequence is contrived and stupid and clearly its just there to say “hey, the Enterprise is this cool new ship that can split in half.  How cool is that??”  Well, honestly, not that cool if that’s the only purpose of the sequence.  This is the difference between a teenage and an adult Trekker.

Overall, I rank Trek series as follows:

The Next Generation


Star Trek


Deep Space Nine


2 thoughts on “Star Trek: Enterprise and Next Gen

  1. donnaldjohnson

    My ranking: Star Trek, Enterprise, Voyager, Next Gen, Deep Space Nine. I am not really a fan at all of Next Gen, and I can’t put my finger on why. I never gelled with the characters. I wonder if it is generational….or that I never watched it when it was broadcast.



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