Snowspire Castle Sneak Peak

I was lucky enough to go to Scotland and England this summer.  It definitely inspired the role-player in me.  One of my greatest areas of dissatisfaction in mapping areas for players was not finding a castle plan that I really liked or had to pay for.  So, I’m making one of my own!



Tower of London

The Tower of London is great inspiration for medieval fortifications.  We also visited Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle.


IMG_0684Stirling Castle


IMG_0757Edinburgh Castle


I’m currently working on a map to use with the DND 5th game I’ll be running for students at my high school. I’m taking inspiration from all of the Castles that I saw in Britain.

Snowspire Castle Level 1

Here’s a sneak peak at the first floor, which includes the outer castle walls and the first floor of two central keeps.  I was sure to scan the base layouts before I started filling them in so that I could have a blank map to hand players for them to fill in as they explore.  This also gives me the freedom to have a “master” that I can choose to fill in as a “living” or “dead” or “undead” 😉 castle as I require.   I’m also making it general enough that with very little changes it could be added to almost any setting.  The largest central keep serves as the living and entertaining quarters of royals.  The smaller keep serves (in a DND setting) as a Mage Tower/Research Facility. I call it Snowspire Castle.  It currently sits at 19 tall stories (20 ft each) and three sub-levels.  The plan will be to extend the sub-levels down far down into a classic DND dungeon.

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