Boys Night Out

Last night was quite the big night for the local gaming group!  We started in my Man Cave™, went out on the town, and finished in the Man Cave™.

Our original intention was to start our Battletech Scenario that we have been working on for a while.  With various work responsibilities, not everyone could be prepared.  Instead we decided to use the night to help everyone get prepared and to take in a recent movie release.

We started out chatting about the Battlemech Design process.  I explained to Andrew and Zach, who were completely new to the design process, the basics of BV calculations and how they work.  I now feel that to really understand Battletech design you have to start with how BV is calculated and work your way backwards.  I feel that by doing this you are less likely to build an awesome unit that you simply can’t afford for a particular scenario.  I had prior BV examples that I had worked out as visual aides for them to peruse as we discussed the steps and what goes in and doesn’t go into BV.

At this point, the other guys hadn’t eaten yet and we wanted to catch a movie, so we headed to Aksarben.  Aksarben is Omaha’s new hot entertainment district that they’re using as one of several locations to revitalize MidTown.  It has some nice restaurants and bars.  I had a sick dog yesterday so I tended to him quick and then I met them as they finished eating.

What movie did we see?  Guardians of the Galaxy, of course!  It was surprisingly good and quite hilarious.  I also hadn’t seen a lot of great space dogfighting in a movie in a while and the movie has that in spades.  It had everything, actually.  Touching moments, outrageous moments, lots of humor, action, suspense.  A little bit of forced romance.  It has a very Star Wars-y feel to it and they’re already planning a sequel.  I also think it had the funniest end credits scene of any Marvel movie.  I won’t spoil it other than to say you probably had to be alive in the 80s to get it and it was a total surprise to me.  It certainly isn’t flawless, and like any Marvel movie has some cringe-worthy dialogue and character interactions.  The villain is about on par with Thor 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2, I’m sad to say.

What else surprised me is that Marvel has hit three high quality films this year, which may not have ever happened in their run.  Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy are well worth theatre tickets for the skeptical and discerning dork.  I actually FORGOT that Amazing Spider-Man 2 was this year until I started this paragraph, and maybe some of you would like to take away my Nerd Card™ for that oversight.  Honestly, its at the bottom of those four movies.  Its a very “traditional” Marvel movie with cliched villains, which just isn’t playing anymore, in my opinion.  With Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (not sure that’s the exact title but that’s clearly what the end credits in Days of Future Past implies), and Guardians 2 in the pipe, there is a lot to look forward to!

Getting back to the  house, we spent the rest of the evening building Mechs for the scenario and sharing ideas.  The crew didn’t disappoint me with the creative ideas they had.  Daniel elected to go with a low cost melee brawler with a huge Mace and bristling with Machine Guns.  After fiddling with a long range Mech, on a whim, Zach started thinking about submarines!  It is a water-based map.  The sub we built for him is a huge risk/reward piece.  It doesn’t have a lot of armor but is bristling with Streak LRM fives.  I think Andrew and Josh may be going with tank profiles. I’ll post some of them in the coming days.

Its been a really relaxing and productive gaming summer.  I need to get back to the career now, but I made up for a lot of lost hobby time.  I’ll post as frequently as I can, but the daily posts are likely shortening considerably or going away entirely.  We’ll see!  At the least I plan to use this blog to keep Game Club members aware of what is happening and continue using it as a sounding board for ideas about teaching games!

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