D6 Generation

Last night I had a wedding about an hour and ten minutes away.  My wife was the personal attendant so she had been there a couple of days already and I had to drive separately.  I said to myself:  “I need to find a gaming podcast to listen to on the way there!”

I can’t believe that I had never heard of D6 generation until recently.  Its a podcast run by a couple of guys about every aspect of gaming: board games, RPGs, miniatures, mass battle, video games, MMOs, comics, reading, tools of gaming.  Everything.  Contributions by Nicole, the Total Fan Girl as well.

They do news, talk about what they like and don’t like about games, chat about what they’re reading, geek culture, nostalgia.  Everything.

I can’t really do it justice in writing, because I’m still coming down from being amazed by it.  I learned about a bunch of games, tools and kickstarters I hadn’t heard of.

I’m going to explore back episodes!


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