Snowspire Castle Update

My map for Snowspire Castle for a future Club DND Fifth campaign is coming along nicely.  Yesterday I was able to finish some of the tower floors.  I decided to make the owners of this castle a matriarchal monarchy, because we don’t have enough of those in fantasy literature, in my opinion.

Specifically, I finished (from lowest to highest): Prince/Princess’ Chambers, Duke’s/Duke’s Brother’s Chambers, Queen’s Military Council Chambers, and the Queen’s Office/Dining Room.

I am working on the Royal Archives right now and will move on to the Queen’s Bedchambers and perhaps a Falconry as I continue up the tower.

With school starting its harder for me to find the time for teaser pictures but I hope to finish the foundational castle soon.  The next step is to then work on the deep subterranean dungeons for classic dungeon exploring!


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