I’d like an answer to this question, comic fans…



Well?  You can’t complain about our hobby not catching on immediately after shaming someone for showing interest.  Was your goal to get the hobby attention, or was it to get you attention?  Think about it.


5 thoughts on “I’d like an answer to this question, comic fans…

  1. Phyllis

    What’s wrong with anything that invites people to read more? How can that ever be bad? Reading is for the masses, not for the snobs. If a movie caused someone to suddenly want to read “Gone with the Wind,” would I be entitled to snobbery because I have an English degree, a Masters, and a Doctorate and read it for the first time in eighth grade? I think not.

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  2. Phyllis

    Besides, my almost seven-year-old just discovered Pokeman. He is learning to read and to reason, and the card game intrigues him and provides him with more motivation to read. I for one am grateful that he just discovered this game and wants to know more about it.


  3. klecser Post author

    When people define themselves by their hobbies, there is a tendency by some to very jealously guard the hobby. “The hobby defines me, so it is mine, and therefore you can’t have what is mine.” It is a very possessive approach to sociology, and some would argue that the attitude exists as a self-serving hallmark of insecurity. Thanks for your comments Phyllis!



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