Resident Evil Deck Building

Well, Battletech didn’t happen.  LOL  There was a miscommunication that was partly my fault in that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to play last night and didn’t inform Daniel in advance, so Daniel made other plans.  Not wanting to start the game without him, we played the Resident Evil Deck Building game.

We enjoyed the game and it does everything that you expect a modern deck building game to do.  It came out in 2010 at the height of Dominion’s popularity.  Of course, every deck building game has its nuances.

RE Deck Building puts two primary resources on three levels of resource card.  Every resource card gives the same amount of gold and ammunition.  Gold is used to buy other cards to help build your deck and ammunition is needed to fire weapons and “Explore the Mansion”, which either results in you eliminating Infected for victory points or taking damage to your character.  If your character dies they “respawn” with less health and you are not knocked out of the game until you have zero max health.  The game ends when the most powerful Infected is defeated.  Every turn you get one Buy, one Action, and One Explore, and you can use all or none of these.  Cards that you buy, of course, affect your number of all three turn choices, as well as your resources.

Our game last night was pretty unique in that the “endgame” monster was drawn from the Mansion on the second exploration.  This means it went to the bottom of a huge deck and we ended up playing for two and a half hours before it came up again!  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to play such a full game.  We’re all deck building veterans so we picked it up pretty quickly.

Tacticon is Friday!  I’ll try to post a lot about it as the Con progresses!


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