Second Game At Tacticon

Labor Day weekend I was at Tacticon in Denver.  It is mostly a role-playing/board game/tactical and historical miniatures Con.  I posted pictures in several places over the course of the weekend: Day 1, Day 1 Part 2, and Day 2.  This is the full report for the second game!

In the second game we wanted to be sure that everyone in our group got a chance to play Dungeon Crawl Classics with Harley Stroh.  DJ went off to do a different session, and Jack came in to play “The Great Hunt” with us.

This game found Jack as the leader of a group of castle defenders and mercenaries.  Our task was to defend the castle from Hill Giants who had been pouring out of a rift in the countryside.  We travelled to the ravine and began to set up defenses, such as giant logs, spikes and barrels of pitch at the top of the ravine.

The giants started coming out of a cave at the bottom and we began to pick them off with bows and spells.  They were not that difficult to eliminate at first.  I played a dark cleric in this game and stuck near Jon, the Thief, to protect him.  I only needed to heal him once, and I spent most of the game cursing giants from afar. My big contribution for the game was cursing a wizard of some sort who appeared after a short while.  I used spell burn to get a better result and silenced him for the duration of the encounter.

This game was a bit of a race against time as the giants were attempting to assemble a giant skeleton creature.  They were chipping it out of stone and had a large glowing “heart” to place in its chest, clearly to bring it to life.  As they were working to complete it, they sent a huge wave of lesser and greater giants against us, and we really had to use the terrain to our advantage.  A small group of us snuck around a goat path in the back to attempt to disrupt the skeleton ritual, while Jamie and Jack and the rest of the crew distracted the Giant Army.   Our mage managed to erect a wall of force around the “heart” they were trying to use on the skeleton and Jon and I killed the enemy Wizard.  Victory!


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