Battletech Update (finally!)

Last night the gents and I finally started our Battletech game!

We had been planning this game for months and with variant schedules and them starting new jobs and camping and me being out of town we had been waiting to get started for quite some time.

The map was set up so that I am closest to Andrew.  Zach had his sub setup in water at the top of the map and started by just moving around the map to get into the action, going for score multipliers like the ore and underwater scanning.  Josh began moving for the King of the Hill spot.  Daniel was setup in Depth 2 water, which we didn’t realize Mechs couldn’t run through.  So, it took him three turns just to leave it, which I feel bad about.

Most of the action in the first three rounds saw Andrew and I pounding on each other.  He was running a single 100 ton behemoth of a mech with two HAG-40s, two Medium Pulse Lasers, Hardened Armor and Reinforced Internal Structure.  I knew immediately that I would be able to outflank him and out-activate him.  Those HAGs are nasty, but they have a minimum range of two.  I was running a VTOL with SRM6/ML, a super fast Light with a Heavy Medium Laser (North Wind), and a Medium with 4 MPLs and 2 Streak SRM6s (Acheron).  He underestimated how easily I could outflank him and he didn’t have a lot of rear armor.  In three rounds, I was able to put over 175 damage on him, blow off and arm causing a HAG 20 point ammo explosion and severely damage all of his front and rear torso armor.  In our match that’s close to six points, easily the lead.  It may cost me the Acheron, but it could be worth it if I go for objectives with the rest of my force.  Andrew also underestimated the pilot check penalty with the Hardened armor and fell twice.  He also owes me a high level consciousness roll which we forgot to do at the end of the round.

So, I’m currently in the lead, but there is a lot of game left to be played.


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