I haven’t posted much over the last week for two reasons.  The first is that I have had a lot of meetings and athletic ticket taking for school.  The second is that I’ve been organizing two big buy orders for

After Tacticon, I was pretty jazzed about my free X-wing Miniatures starter set and was eager to start collecting the game.  Of course, there is a reason why I never got into X-wing originally in the first place:  I had no money to collect a collectible game.  They are notoriously expensive. The only one I had collected seriously was Star Wars Miniatures from 2005 to 2009.  I met some of my best gaming buddies playing that game.  But, I’ve been sitting on that collection for five years.

What’s a gamer to do when they have absolutely zero discretionary funds and two games they are eager to get into (X-wing and DND 5E)?  I was checking online prices for X-wing at all of my major online haunts (, and remembered that CoolStuff had a buy list!  You can ship them collectible cards and miniatures and they will pay you cash, or a 25% bonus on store credit.  I’ve been dealing with CoolStuff since 2003 when I started buying from them for Game Club at school for tournaments and for Star Wars Miniatures later.

I thought to myself:  “Nah, there is no way they would be buying a game that has been out of production for five years.”

Well, it seemed as if I was wrong about that.  Their listed prices for a lot of figures were in the 10 to 15 dollar range!  I emailed them coyly to confirm that those prices were correct and they did.  I submitted a 160 dollar buy and got it approved!  It took me quite some time to get all the minis and cards together and pack them according to expected specs, but it is obviously worth it.  I followed later that week with a 270 dollar buy.  Yes, that’s over 400 dollars in store credit from CoolStuffInc!  Boom.  Interestingly, those two orders together represent about 60 rare and very rare pieces that are less than 10% of my collection.  Most of what I traded away are “meta” pieces that are no longer needed because there is no meta anymore.  Three of them were among my best Boba Fetts, and if you are in the audience groaning, know that I could care less that I traded them away.  It got me into a whole new Star Wars game.

My second order hasn’t shipped yet because I pre-ordered Magic: Khans of Tarkir packs and a Monster Manual for Game Club.  I also pre-ordered two Rebel Aces packs and none of that releases until the end of September.   All told, I have traded less than 10% of my collection for the following:


PHB X2 (one for Club and one for me, to add to the third one I had already purchased for Club-this way Cub can run two games at the same time)

MMX2 (one for Club and one for me)


Khans of Tarkir Booster X12

A couple spindown counter dice to help new Magic players or to give away as prize support?


A copy of Munchkin for Game Club, on student request.


Millenium Falcon, Firespray, A-wing, B-wing, Imperial Aces, TIE Bomber X2, TIE Defender, TIE Advanced, Y-wing, TIE Fighter X2, HWK, E-wing X2, Z-95X3, X-wing X2, Lambda Shuttle, TIE Interceptor X2, extra set of dice, Rebel symbol dice bag, three packs of mini card sleeves

So, needless to say, after my second buy, CoolstuffInc dropped all of their Star Wars Minis buy prices to record low levels.  They were generous here, because they could have rejected my buys or changed any of the prices.  To be fair, I have spent huge amounts of money at that place and I’m probably one of their top 500 customers.  I think they probably learned to stay attuned to the state of a game and adjust their buy prices accordingly.  I don’t know how long it will take them to move those figs.

So, that’s the story of how a little elbow grease and time allowed me to change a small part of a game that I don’t play anymore into an entire collection of several I’ve been wanting to get into.  I will soon have personal copies of both the PHB and MM, and I have a sizeable collection of X-wing Miniatures to play with on my own and to share with Game Club kids.  That’s a big part of the purpose of Club:  to get kids access to cool games that are normally very much out of their price range.  Mission accomplished.

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