X-wing Battle Report

Last night Daniel and I got in a couple of games of X-wing while watching the Steelers route Carolina.

We started off with these squads, to the best of my recollection.  I didn’t write everything down, but suffice it to say that they were both 100 points:

My squad:

Major Rhymer + Advanced Proton Torpedos + Munitions Fail Safe + Assault Missiles

Captain Jonus + Flechette Torpedos + Munitions Failsafe

Kir Kanos + Outmaneuver + Royal Guard TIE Title + Shield Upgrade + Stealth Upgrade


Wedge + Squad Leader

Corran Horn + Push the Limit

Green Squadron Pilot

I may be missing something in Daniel’s squads.  I didn’t record anything.

My squad is built on the synergy between Rhymer and Jonus.  Jonus gives secondary weapon rerolls and Rhymer’s ability allows him to extend his weapon range by one, which is very useful with Advanced Torps.

Daniel took an early three damage hit on the A-wing with Advanced Torpedos.  It got some shots in before I killed it.  Then, a round or two later, I got another huge series of hits on Wedge and he went down. I made a positioning mistake with Jonus and landed him on an asteroid and Daniel did several crits to him.  He goes down.  We both made further positioning mistakes and I chased the E-wing around the board for a few turns before taking it down.

Our second game:


Han Solo + Chewbacca + Deadeye + Recon Specialist + Falcon Title + Concussion Missiles (the so-called “Fat” Han?)

Ten Numb (B-wing) +Ion Cannon + Fire-Control System + Elusiveness


Boba Fett + upgrades

Howlrunner + Squad Leader or Tactics?

Mauler Mithel

Once again, I got two huge hits on at the beginning of the game.  Daniel’s Howlrunner went down in a single attack from concussion missles (IIRC) and Mauler followed shortly thereafter.  Boba Fett versus a slightly damaged Falcon and an undamaged loaded B-wing that could ionize it wasn’t really a match at all.  Still, he managed to get the Falcon down to six hull.

This was the first two times Daniel played the game and I don’t have many games on him.  He will improve rapidly.  When we first started Star Wars Miniatures, I was consistently beating Daniel.  After a few months of play Daniel rarely lost a game to me.  With his extensive experience with Magic, he is already building squads with synergy and I’m sure he’ll discover combos I’ve never even considered.


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