I’m worried about role-playing in Game Club + Spielbound consideration

Last night we did not make as much progress as I had hoped in creating characters.  One of my student did a great job in getting his group excited by offering a mini session.  Unfortunately, we have 17 other people that want to play, and I’m currently the only other GM.  That is essentially three more groups, and if I ran all of them, they would get to play about three or four times the entire year.  That is not acceptable.  My only recourse may be to only allow sophomores, juniors and seniors to play.  I haven’t decided yet, but I’m really worried about not being able to give everyone a good experience.

My current plan is to check all of their characters individually myself, because there were a lot of errors.  We also had the sign-up list get erased accidentally by our custodial staff so I have no idea right now who is interested in playing.  I take a high-standard approach to gaming pretty seriously and I’m upset that I am not giving students the best possible experience right now.

Vent over.  Thanks for listening.

In other news, I’ve been invited to serve as Teacher Outreach Coordinator for Spielbound.  Spielbound is a new board game cafe that has opened in Omaha.  I’m currently not sure if I have the time to take on this volunteer position.  I’m not worried about the blogging aspect of it.  I’m more concerned with the “Teacher Outreach” part, but once I get the job description and ask the CEO a few questions, it may not be as time consuming as I’m thinking.


2 thoughts on “I’m worried about role-playing in Game Club + Spielbound consideration

  1. majormexx

    Which game do you have your students involved with? The job sounds like an awesome opportunity, although I’d want to know more about the responsibilities up front as well before committing to anything.


  2. klecser Post author

    This is Dungeons and Dragons Fifth. Things are going well now. I have very high expectations and sometimes get frustrated when I have to go at the pace of teenager. Which is often very slow. 😉 I hashed out the responsibilities and have accepted the role.



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