Dungeons and Dragons Report

Last night we hit Fifth again with DJ, Jack, Jamie and I!

We left off last session overlooking a beautiful mountain lake.  Our goal was to get a Mystic Black Orchid flower that we needed to save the poisoned mayor.  We approached the water cautiously.  Swimming was out of the question as the lake was huge and the island with the shrine was in the middle.  We used the spider silk that I had gathered from the defeated spiders in our last session to build a raft to carry us.  The PCs were all Halflings and our escort, Cobb, is a human, so we managed to build a satisfactory raft to get us across.

As we paddled out, we noticed ripples in the water.  About three quarters of the way across, we were attacked by crocodiles.  I thought of trying to paddle like mad to the other side, but Jack had the sense to ask how far it was.  With still a solid half hour of paddling we had no choice but to engage the crocodiles.  With four people winging swords we managed to dispatch them without too much of a problem.

Once on the island (which was very small, only about five feet square, we approached the shrine with the flower and felt enamored with it.  Surrounding the flower were white pillars and skeletons of former adventurers who didn’t make it.  We made insight checks to reveal trickery and resisted it slightly.  Unfortunately, not everyone did and while approaching the flower, an air elemental burst forth and challenged us to prove our worth.  This was a problem because elementals are strong, especially for a party of our level.

At the start of the battle, I thought to place a dagger on the flower and threaten to cut it to attempt to negotiate.  The air elemental had none of that, so I cut the flower and tucked it way so that we would have the chance to flee to complete the mission.  DJ had the sense to hold onto the boat so that it did not blow away in the wind.  We engaged the elemental in combat and poured everything we had into it.  Jack fell, but DJ stabilized him and quickly administered a potion of healing.  The air elemental used attacks to throw us up against the stone pillars, and they hit hard for a group of second level thieves and clerics.  With only half of our usual party showing up we were at a distinct disadvantage.  Still, we persevered, and defeated the air elemental.  The flower grew back and we rested on the tiny island to heal up.

The way back across the water was uneventful, but we encountered more spiders in the cave on the way back to town.  We dispatched them quickly and I gathered some more spider silk.

Back at town, the mayor was cured at the last second, as we were being dragged to the dungeon again by the overzealous town marshall.  We were rewarded handsomely for completing this tough mission: 150 Gold a piece!  In addition, Jamie had pre-calculated the XP for this adventure as their were many foes to fight.  Over 1000 a piece meant we have attained level 3.

I’m written before how I feel that the Rogue really got a boost in 5th Edition and 3rd level is really where it starts getting some serious jack-of-all-trades utility.  You can pick one of three Roguish Archetypes at 3rd level: Thief, Assassin, or Arcane Trickster.  Thief bolsters your skill and utility abilities, Assassin improves martial prowess and Arcane Trickster allows you to cast Wizard spells, mostly from the Illusion and Enchantment schools of magic.

I was thinking about how Arcane Trickster could tie into my back story.  Given all of my time investigating my parent’s deaths, it makes sense that my character would have uncovered some basic arcane knowledge that he could use to desperately pursue his goals.  So, I’ve picked Arcane Trickster.

Arcane Trickster gives me access to Wizard spells.  I have two spells slots as a 3rd level rogue and can learn three cantrips and three first level spells.  One of the cantrips must be Mage Hand, and Arcane Tricksters get special bonuses with Mage Hand that include using Thieve’s tools at a distance and making the Hand invisible.  My first level spells must include two from the Enchantment/Illusion school.

Here is my rough draft of what I want to take:


Mage Hand

Message (allows me to whisper messages at a distance and through walls that only allies I am familiar with can hear, super cool)

Fire Bolt (get some 1d10 damage ranged offense in there!)

1st Level Spells

Charm Person (Not crazy about this but I have to take from illusion/enchantment)

Disguise Self (will be very useful)

Shield (excellent protection spell that will make me a bit of a tank in battle for the party, can also be used as a reaction to a hit)

Party members that read this, let me know if you have other suggestions, other candidates include offensive 1st level spells like Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb or Witch Bolt.  They are powerful, but my to-hit with them would not be high.  I could also do Silent Image in place of Charm Person.  They both require saves versus my spell DC, which isn’t high.

More as we continue playing!


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