X-wing Tournament Plan

There is a tournament at Dragon’s Lair on Friday for X-wing Miniatures.  100 points, Rebel only.

I’ve told my friends that I am not going to play the “tournament scene” for X-wing Miniatures, and I’m standing by that.  But, I’m playing in this tournament simply because I don’t have a lot of chances to play X-wing, period, and if this is the way that I get to play, I guess its the way.

Since the Millenium Falcon dominates the Rebel “meta”, and I don’t want to be “that guy”, who runs a meta-squad, my goal is to try out some things I’ve been interested in playing, namely Zs, with some firepower.  So, here is my tentative plan:

Wedge Antilles (29)

Luke Skywalker (28)

Airen Cracken + Squad Leader (21)

Lieutenant Blount + Assault Missiles (22)


Wedge and Luke are simply my solid damage dealers with three dice and great card abilities.  I’d rather have four ships than to boost them with abilities.  Airen can give his free action to Blount, who can use it to get a Focus and Target Lock really easily.  It bothers me that Blount is the only piece that can benefit from Airen’s Squad Leader, which requires a lower pilot skill.  I’m wondering if losing Airen in favor of a cheaper pilot and moving Squad Leader to another pilot may be better.  Blount plus Assault Missiles are a natural pairing as his ability allows any attack he makes to “hit” whether it actually does or not, procing the extra damage.

An alternative without Airen would be:

Wedge Antilles (29) + Squad Leader (2)

Luke Skywalker (28) +R2D2 (4) + Draw Their Fire (1)

Lieutenant Blount + Assault Missiles (22)

Tala Squad Pilot (13) + Veteran Instincts (1)


Thoughts?  Suggestions?




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