Spielbound here I come!

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been contacted by the CEO of Spielbound, a non-profit in Omaha with the mission of bringing board game sand tabletop games to school children, seniors, and the world in general.  After much deliberation I have decided to accept the position of Teacher Outreach Coordinator!

The website is at Spielbound.com if you would like to check it out.

I had known about Spielbound for a long time because a friend of mine was friends with the CEO.  Kaleb (the CEO) is a university professor with a game board collection of over 3000 games.  He opened Spielbound for some key reasons, which include:

1) Getting school teachers access to games for the classroom or clubs.

2) Helping seniors with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases to keep their minds actively engaged.

3) Share his collection with the wider public.

Spielbound started with a Kickstarter and has a Board of Directors that consist of some pretty talented people (doctors, professors, etc).

Even non-profits have operating costs to cover and running a cafe as part of a non-profit proved troublesome  So, currently, Kaleb is running a non-profit directly next door to a for-profit coffee shop.  To help with startup costs, people that would like to check out games for the game collection are asked to pay five dollars for a day pass.  Alternatively, there are membership structures with discounts for teachers and seniors.

My volunteer role will start manageable and then hopefully work up to more complex goals.  My short term goals are to blog for the organization and to be the point contact for area teachers who have questions and need support in checking out games and finding ways to use them in their classrooms.

My long term goals will be to develop “teacher night” programs to attract area teachers to learn about games and to develop teacher information sheets to help them decide which games would work for them in their classrooms.

The latter long term goal would involve aligning the games to state standards, tips on teaching, and key questions to ask students during and after they play to help guide thinking.

It is an ambitious endeavor but it is one that is close to my heart and I hope to develop it into something wonderful!


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