Of X-wings, Mechanical Pencils and Dungeons and Dragons – roundup

I haven’t posted in a while largely because there hasn’t been a lot of gaming happening.  We’re starting a Dungeons and Dragons game on Tuesday at my school, I have an X-wing Miniatures tournament on Saturday and I’m thinking about buying some more mechanical pencils for my collection.

Pencils first, since I haven’t written about them a while and I’ve been using them extensively this school year.  Teachers always get discount reminders for stationary and art stores in their mailboxes.  Blick Art Supplies has a big 20% off for members-only sale that is happening this weekend, so I was thinking about rounding out some of my collection with that sale.  Specifically, I still don’t have a Pentel GraphGear 500 or Pentel P series, so I was thinking about picking up 0.5 mm versions of each of those.

I’m starting DND with a group this Tuesday in Game Club.  Characters are made (I’m not sure how well) and I plan to use inspiration as it gets closer to make a decision about how to set up the story.  My original plan was to have each of them coming to a remote outpost for different reasons and have them provide those reasons.  I could then knit that together into a player-created cohesive story.  Of course, I was working on Snowspire Castle all summer and I want them to get to that as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for a report of what happens.

There is an X-wing Miniatures tournament this weekend at the 4Plus Gaming Club here in Omaha.  My buddy Jim will be there.  I am not a huge fan of competitive scene for games.  However, the purpose of this tournament is for the people there to prepare for the Worlds Championship.  So, I’ll humor their goals to be a supportive community member.

I haven’t run a list like this yet.  Its purpose is high hit points and to pass Evade tokens to my ships, while simultaneously annoying enemies with 4 red dice and the ion canon turret:

Chewbacca + Jan Ors + Squad Leader + Millenium Falcon

Recent FAQ rulings have shown that Jan Ors affects Chewbacca, so I might want to switch out that Title for Veteran Instincts instead.

Blue Squadron Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon

HLC allows me to get four red dice shots at all ranges.

Gold Squadron Pilot + R2 Astromech + Ion Cannon Turret

I’ve been wanting to play a Y-wing for those beefy hit points for quite some time now.

The whole squad is 29 hit points for the opponent to slog through, which is not an easy task.

I’ll report out on how this goes as well!


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