X-wing League Night Report

I attended a fun X-wing League Night at the 4+ Club Monday Night.

I played two games versus people I haven’t played before and had a good time.  I got trounced, as I expected, but they were enjoyable games.  None of my squads were “optimized”, but they definitely included combos I wanted to try.

My first squad:

Corran Horn + R7-T1 + Expose

Knave Squadron Pilot + R7 Astromech X2

My opponent:

Soontir Fel + Hull Upgrade + Push the Limit

Academy Pilot X4


My opponent started with Soontir split off from the TIEs.  I went for Soontir to try to isolate him and destroy him.  I got some target locks on him with the Knaves, but he evaded them all.

I swung around and continued to chase him, but I couldn’t do enough damage fast enough.  I was slightly out of position and his Howlrunner rerolls on all of his TIEs overwhelmed me.  I killed Soontir and two Academy Pilots before succumbing.

I was slightly out of position at times, which is a common error that I make. My other big problem is that I had loaded Corran with two abilities that require actions to use.  I used R7-T1 once (choose an enemy ship and get a target lock and a free boost) and Expose (increase attack dice by one and reduce defense by one) once, but neither of them had an impact.  Its just really tough to get upgrades to do anything, other than a scant 12 that are “the best”.  You’re better off spending the points on an extra ship, if you can squeeze it in.


20141103_182402 20141103_18240920141103_184341  20141103_185023 20141103_190517

My second squad:

Krassis Trelix (Firespray) + Concussion Missles + Gunner

Omicron Group Pilot (Lambda) + Darth Vader

Delta Squadron Pilot (TIE Defender)

My opponent:

Green Squadran Pilot (A-wing) + Chaadran Refit X2

Bandit Squadron X3 (Z-95)

Etahn A’baht + upgrade?

I started off poorly.  I have never flown the Lambda before.  I intended to turtle, but I moved right away with the Lambda when I should have had it stop right away.  I didn’t do much self bumping of ships, and I had good firing arcs on most of his ships.  I lost the Lambda early, but managed to get some Vader damage on an A-wing to destroy it.

I whiffed with the Concussion Missiles and Gunner definitely didn’t help in that I was swinging with 4 attack dice a lot of the time anyway, so I was getting single hits in pretty regularly.  I managed to wax everything except an A-wing, a Z and Etahn before I fell.  I had a (slim) chance to win this one, as I had a string of my opponent not rolling defense very well.




This was my first foray into league play.  It costs 20 bucks for the Quarter and by paying in you get a Winter 2014 cardboard play box with Falcon art, three acrylic Cloak tokens and some alternate art TIE Bomber pilot cards.  If I was serious I would build optimized squads to try to get additional prize support, but I don’t get to play very often and I’d rather just try different combos, whether optimized or not.

My schedule will open up in January and I’ll be able to play more often then.  I’ll post more reports as I play.

Up next:  We played Dungeons and Dragons in Game Club this week and we had a ton of fun.  Who caught lycanthropy?  Find out in the next report! 😉



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