Frostreach Campaign Update 2 (High School Game Club)

I accelerated our DND sessions at Game Club to maintain ground swell for a very enjoyable first session.

I started off the game with Tyler because, playing as a mythical manticore (lion head, bat wings, spiked tail), he didn’t get a chance to participate much in the last session.  I explained to him that he saw some wolves that were ripe for hunting and that he had smelled prey from very far away, bringing him to Frostreach.

He swooped down to attack two wolves that were isolated, thinking them easy prey.  Of course, I didn’t tell them they were actually werewolves, greatly outclassing him.  He flew up and away after they got a few hits.  I distracted him with one wolf and had the other jump on his back from a tree in werewolf form, damaging his wing, and preventing him from flying.  I then invited the rest of the group in to continue the session, building the suspense with Tyler so he knew what to anticipate for later.

One of the requests from our first game was for me to provide the song “Manticore the Terrible” that I referenced in that game.  Patrons of the Inn the characters were staying at were singing the song when the news broke that a Manticore had been sighted in the Wilderness.  The kids really enjoyed the humorous take that I made on Snippett, the Gnome Fighter and role-playing a Crow, so I didn’t want to disappoint them.  What follows is very silly, and that is intentional!

Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

This the way that the Manticore kills you.

Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

You’ll be skewered if you let down your guard.


I was travelling through Frostreach.

I was minding my own business,

when Manticore the Terrible swooped

down from the sky.


He was fierce and super evil

His tail was all spikey

His head was a Lion and I said

“This is not good!”


Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

This the way that the Manticore kills you.

Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

You’ll be skewered if you let down your guard.


He snarled when he saw me and

hovered above me

His wrath was quite evident

when he let loose his barbs


I raised my shield up and

I tried to block them

But one of those darn spikes

went right into my thigh


Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

This the way that the Manticore kills you.

Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

You’ll be skewered if you let down your guard.


It hurt really bad,

we’re talking a ten on the pain scale

giving birth is probably the only thing

that would hurt alot more


Manticore the Terrible

seemed to enjoy it

He snarled and laughed

and said “You want more?”


Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

This the way that the Manticore kills you.

Poke.  Ouch!  Poke.  Ouch!

You’ll be skewered if you let down your guard.


It was my lucky day because

as he moved in for the kill,

A dragon swooped down

and plucked him from the sky!


I was totally saved

by a dragon who munched him

I stood there in awe as it

nommed on his bones.


Giant teeth.  Ouch!  Giant teeth.  Ouch!

This the way that the Manticore gets killed.

Giant teeth.  Ouch!  Giant teeth.  Ouch!

Dragons are the manticores natural predator.


My jubilation did not last

as the Dragon, she finished

She picked at her teeth

with a Manticore spike


It dawned on me suddenly

that my doom was still coming

The Dragon had just delayed it and

I said “Not my day!”


Burn!  Ouch.  Burn!  Ouch.

The dragon’s hot breath roasted me NICE-E-LY.

Burn! Ouch.  Burn! Ouch.

Its probably better than being stabbed by a spike.

The kids got a kick out of it and then they decided that it would be best to try to kill the Manticore for the reward for tail spikes.  I purposely made the tail spikes the “evidence” for the kill, because that opens the door for them to not actually kill it and still get the reward.  This was a good opportunity to encourage them to develop a plan.  I asked if they wanted to charge in or sneak up on the Manticore and they decided to sneak.  Some players had characters that were sneakier than others and they took the lead.

As they approached, they saw the Manticore fighting the werewolves and decided to help the Manticore.  The two werewolves were tough.  But it wasn’t tough enough.  I wanted to keep the pressure on, so I added two more.  The werewolves mostly targeted the Manticore and Spinnett, who had a good collection of hit points.  To keep the pressure on, but not eliminate players, I would ask them how many hit points they had and then have hits not do so much that they would be knocked out.  Many GMs disapprove of this sort of manipulation.  But the only thing that matters is the fact that my players had a good sense of urgency.

I finished up the combat once the players had eliminated three of the werewolves and the fourth one retreated.  My ultimate goal of this conflict was to get the Manticore infected with lycanthropy so that he could transform into a human form at times to be with the party in towns and tight spaces.  I not only got the Manticore infected, but two others as well.  That will be interesting role-playing opportunities and problem solving moving forward!

Much fun was had by all and the kids made a lot of great decisions.  I feel like I’m successfully training them to be pro-active role-players and take ownership over the games they play in.


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