Into the Haunted Mansion (Dungeons and Dragons Adventure)

Friday night my friends I got together for another game of DND Fifth.  Jamie DMed and Jon, DJ, Jack and I played.

When last we played, we had just gone to a secluded island to obtain an orchid that was a cure for the poisoned mayor of Antum.  We got it back to him on time and he granted us a letter of recommendation for the Lord of Ormah, in the Capitol, of Malu.  On our way there we came upon a woman who was wounded and in distress.

She told us that her son had been kidnapped and was last seen in a haunted castle.  After some deliberation we took her back to her home in the nearby town to be sure she would be safe and went on to the castle.

We were beset immediately with obstacles at the door.  Two suits of armor animated themselves at the gate and attacked us.  We worked together to defeat them.

The doors opened to a large entry hall with a tall staircase and lots of dust.  Ornate rugs covered the floor.  As we stepped on them, the rug animated and began suffocating DJ.  We did some damage to him and the rug before Cobb finally pulled it off of him.  As we were attempting to revive DJ (who was at zero HP), some animated swords flew of the walls and attacked as well.  It took all of our efforts to beat them back.  In the process, we cut the rope for a chandelier and it fell on DJ and Jon.  We took a short rest and then climbed the stairs.

The ghostly apparition of the castle appeared and addressed us.  Jack got freightened, but stuck it out.  This Duchess offered for us to stay and tour the facility.  A spectral butler showed us into a ballroom, closed the doors and attacked.  I opened the curtains to let daylight in, which gave them disadvantage, but shortly after DJ was able to Turn them.  We decided, after this harrowing series of combats in which we struggled to come out on top, that it was best to rest here until later.

We’re picking up where we left off next Sunday and it should be very interesting to see if we can survive the dangers of the Haunted Castle!


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