Teaching X-wing and Smash Bros. 3DS

I had quite a few Game Club members interested in learning X-wing tonight and I think I hooked them!

We played DND last Tuesday at Club.  I picked up two weeks in a row because next week I am hosting a legislative dinner for the teacher’s union next Tuesday.  So, this week is X-wing Miniatures.

When you are first teaching someone a game, you have to be considerate of how experienced they are with games, how quickly they learn and how interested they are of the fluff of the game.  I don’t care how awesome the mechanics of a game are, if the player doesn’t care about Star Wars, they aren’t going to get into the game as much.

The kids that I taught X-wing to last night are highly intelligent, they like Star Wars and they have experience with games.  So, I hit the holy trifecta of benefits for teaching.  I put together one ship for each player, with minimal upgrades.  I showed them all the basics of the game (pilots, dials, attack, defense, actions, movement) and then we played a quick mock game of Imperial versus Rebel.

The movement is the hardest thing to learn in X-wing Miniatures, and they made a lot of movement errors, but they took with a learning-focused mentality.  They got some good attacks to land and we ended with talking a little bit about how upgrades work and the over arching strategy of arcs in the game.  I showed them the large ships (Falcon, Firespray, Lambda) and they were excited about 360 degree fire arcs on the Falcon.

I think I hooked them, because they asked: “When will you be playing X-wing next in Club?” 😉

We finished up the evening with some spirited games of Super Smash Bros. 3DS.  It was a good club night!

PS-I’m also excited because my red Pentel Kerry should be arriving in the mail tomorrow!



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