Game Club students and I have a guardian angel…

It happened again.  I got home from reading graduate student work today and saw a package at my door.

I’ve pre-ordered a few things recently, but none of them are scheduled to arrive until early to mid December.

The package was heavy.  I started very perplexed but then I asked myself:  “Again?  No way.”

Sure enough.  The package was addressed to me, but contained no purchaser information.  This one was from the “Fulfillment Center” of “SuperBookDeals” in Indianapolis.

What was inside?

Four Dungeons and Dragon’s Player’s Handbooks.

Four.  These books retail for fifty dollars a piece.  Somebody I know or I’ve talked to or who reads this blog really wants my kids to enjoy role-playing and all of its wonderful social and cognitive advantages.  If you are that person, I thank you.  The kids will be writing thank you notes as well.  I have a feeling who it could be.  But I’m not sure.  I guess time will tell if the benefactor reveals themselves, but what matters is that dozens of kids who really need this will have fun for years to come.


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