Overday Part 1

Part 1 was focused and relaxed!

I missed the first few hours of the Overday for my appointment as a Commissioner of my State’s Professional Practices Commission.  This was the only day the Overday would work and my attendance at the Commission is expected.  Luckily, it was a shorter than a normal meeting and after my trek from the Capitol I was there at 11:30.

This Overday had the best gender ratio we’ve ever had at an event.  It was a nearly even ratio of women to men and I’m excited that we’ve crafted a club about a classically male-dominated hobby that welcomes women.

The early action was video games, Magic, Battlelore and drawing.  I focused on checking to see how everyone was doing and prepping for Dungeons and Dragons and X-wing Miniatures.  I watched Ben demo Battlelore with a few students while prepping the squads for the X-wing game.

Here Ben is posing nicely during his tutorial:


Lots of anime drawing going on!



Kids were trying out a bunch of Skyrim exploits in which you can get a ton of equipment by finding secret chests:


Racing game projected on the wall with our projector:


And, the Battlelore game progressing:



And, Magic:


 So, we’re off to a great start!  In the next report, I’ll breakdown the X-wing event that I ran for a group of six students.



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