Staedtler 925 05

Aficionados will wonder where the 25 or 35 is in between the 925 and the 05.  You won’t find it here.

The classic Staedtler mechanical drafting pencil that most people enjoy is the 925 25 (05/07/09).  I’ve written before how I don’t like knurled metal grips.  The 925 05 is the step down from that classic drafting pencil.  For me, it’s a step up.



The 925 has all the precision and functionality of the 925 25 without the metal knurled grip.  Instead, we have a texturized rubber grip.  The pencil looks fantastic.  Very interesting and classy styling.

The pencil has a couple of classic features:  four millimeter fixed lead sleeve, pronounced information stamping on the barrel, solid pocket clip, and a bronze colored lead hardness indicator.  The click of the lead advance is satisfying and kicks out a consistent amount of lead with each click.

The eraser is drafting size and has a jam-clearing wire at the end.  There is a little bit of play in the mechanism when you erase.  The eraser cap has “.5” very clearly stamped on its head.

I got this pencil at Michael’s for 40% off, costing 6 USD.  Michael’s sells these in individual blister packages under the Staedtler Mars brand.

Pros:  beautiful styling, satisfying click, comfortable grip

Cons: fixed sleeve, drafting size eraser, slight play in mechanism while erasing.

I was very skeptical of the 925 series because of the heavy emphasis on the 925 25 on review sites for pencils.  But this version, that has the rubberized grip, overcomes the feature that originally kept me away.

Does it make my Top Ten?  Yep!

1) Pentel Sharp Kerry

2) Pentel Sharp P205

3) Pentel Twist Erase GT

4) Staedtler 925 (as stylish as any, and critically more comfortable to hold then the Graphgear 1000)

5) Pentel Graphgear 1000 (from 4)

6) Uni Kuru Toga (from 5)

7) Staedtler Triplus Micro (from 6)

8) Zebra M301 (from 7)

9) Alvin DraftTec Retrac (from 8)

10) Alvin Draft/Matic (from 9)

Well that is quite the shake up!  Sorry, Skilcraft Fidelity, you’re out of the Top Ten.  You have a lot of great features, but others best you.

I’m in the process of an exchange with a gentleman from France.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a pencil that is hard to find in the US!


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