Overday Report 2

And the fun continued!

From about 1:15 to 2 I played Super Smash Bros on 3DS with a couple kids.  The cool thing about Smash Bros. is that the game is fun even when you are getting, literally, smashed.  I don’t spend the time that a lot of kids do practicing and playing.  It was an awesome time and I was glad that I got to squeeze this in.

Starting at 2 PM, I got together a group of six kids to play X-wing Miniatures.  Since X-wing is new to Club, I usually have to teach it as we play it, and this time was no exception.  It ended up being guys versus gals (which I wasn’t crazy about, but they selected which ships they wanted and the women all took Empire).  Thankfully, Ali was on the women’s side and she always does a great job of teaching tactical games to people.  She took the Decimator.  As you can see, I kitted it out to be a rammer:



I messed up in that no student has really been playing the game long enough to play the Decimator properly and Ali really struggled to ram ships until she had taken a tremendous amount of damage.

Here is the rest of the Imperial side, with Candace and Ana taking two ships each.  They are both quick studies and Candace, especially, picked up the game pretty quickly.




The Rebel side consisted of a lot of ordinance and defense.  I took the Outrider simply because I hadn’t played it yet and no one on my side had played the game yet.  I figured it was a little too complex to play if you are just starting.  I had wanted to try out the Lando, Experimental interface, Lone Wolf, HLC combo and it definitely didn’t disappoint.



The rest of the boys each took a Rebel ship from what appears below and did a pretty good job of flying them.




The hardest part of learning X-wing is thinking moves ahead.  New players usually ram each other a lot and end up without having firing arcs when they could.  The kids actually did a great job with anticipating ramming and not so good with managing firing arcs.

All told, I felt like Ali didn’t feel like she knew enough to play the Decimator well and I could tell that she felt like she was set up for failure from the very beginner.  Of course, this wasn’t my intention.  I should have chosen simpler combos for everyone.  I sensed that a lot of people did not feel good about their performance and so I made the decision to give small prizes (dice sets) to everyone who participated.  There was no clear “winner” amongst my students.  The Outrider was undamaged and was shredding the opposition.  It performed well and I plan to use the upgrade combo in the near future.

This game also featured some acrylic movement templates that the guys in the Engineering Tech department cut for me.  They aren’t perfect, and I may not be able to use them for tournament play, but they will do their job as extra sets to get more people playing in Game Club.

This led us right up to 4 PM, time for our multi-person Dungeons and Dragons game.  The next, and final, installment of these Overday reports will describe this event in detail!  Mysterious benefactor, if you’re listening, this report will show what a huge impact your early gifts made in getting a large group of students interested in role-playing!  Your most recent gifts will add to the enjoyment as well.


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