Pentel Twist Erase Click Review

I picked up the Twist Erase Click when I got the Staedtler.  I had seen this pencil online on Pentel’s website but was struggling to find it in stores.



The Twist Erase Click has a lot in common with the Side FX and Twist Erase GT.  All three pencils have a solid, extra long twist eraser that can be extended as it wears.  The mechanism for advancing the eraser is the same as the Side FX.  There is a thin ring at the top of the pencil that you turn in order to advance the eraser.

The styling of the pencil is attractive.  It comes in several colors (blue, purple, black(?) ) and I got red.  There is a sleek design with a large hard plastic grip.  The indents in the grip are vertical and taper towards the tip.  The pocket clip has really cool styling.  There is a red plastic piece at the top of the clip that really gives it an Art Deco kind of look at the top.  The lead advance mechanism is a side click.  The whole pencil feels great in the hand and its turning me around on side click mechanisms.

The lead sleeve is a standard four millimeters, not retractable.  The non-retractable nature is really the only downside of this pencil.  It gets the edge on the Side FX because of a far more attractive styling.  The click action is solid and is one of Pentel’s great strengths.

It cost five bucks and came with an extra eraser.  Well worth the price.

Pros:  extendable eraser, attractive styling, comfy grip

Cons:  not pocket safe

Does it make the Top Ten?  With only one con, how can it not?

1) Pentel Sharp Kerry

2) Pentel Sharp P205

3) Pentel Twist Erase GT

4) Pentel Twist Erase Click (a solid, full-featured pencil from a trusted brand at a great price)

5) Staedtler 925 (from 4)

6) Pentel Graphgear 1000 (from 5)

7) Uni Kuru Toga (from 6)

8) Staedtler Triplus Micro (from 7)

9) Zebra M301 (from 8)

10) Alvin DraftTec Retrac (from 9)

Out comes the Alvin Draft/Matic.  The Draft/Matic may be the most comfortable knurled metal grip I’ve encountered, other than the GraphGear 1000.  But, metal grips just don’t do it for me.


2 thoughts on “Pentel Twist Erase Click Review

    1. klecser Post author

      It can be obtained! Easily. I’m thinking about getting a 0.9 and having red lead on hand for grading and regular lead on hand for drawing thick lines on maps for role-playing.



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