Overday Part 3 A

And now for the MAIN event.  Let’s get ready to ROLE-PLAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

I’m going to split this into two because its the end of the school term and I need a few more days to finish it so I’m just going to post it in two parts.

Our goal for Dungeons and Dragons for this Overday was to merge Liam’s campaign and my campaign.  We would both split GMing duties and split in key situations to keep players on their toes and have some varied experience.  We knew that not every PC would be attending the Overday so we had to get a game going that would allow us to merge them while still kind of making sense.  We decided to bring Liam’s players into Frostreach, my game world.

We started off by getting pizza, because it was dinner time!

When everyone came back, we took some time to establish how everyone got in the same area.  For Liam’s players, we decided that his players were mysteriously teleported to Frostreach after risking drowning in his prior game.   I explained to them that they were able to get to Clan Bear Outpost, cold and shivering, and spent a day or two to warm up and get a job escorting cargo to the North.

For my players, I reminded the lycanthropy-affected players that they had managed to control their transformations after the situations in the cave.  They learned that so long as they make a kill and get some meat, they can control the dangers of their wolfy-ness.  The last game was the last full moon day of the month, so the players have a month before the “Kiss of the Moon” will afflict them again.

Liam’s group came upon my group on the road to the North.  Spinnett was encouraging my group to get going to the first major terrain obstacle on their way North:  the Cloud Step ravine.  The Ravine is a huge gash in the ground that forms a natural barrier between Clan Bear and Frost Giant/Orc territory.  The options for travellers are to spend several weeks travelling around the ravine or to take the cable car transit system across.  The cable car system does not accept horses.

As Liam’s group approached, they noticed the Clan Bear insignia’s on their lapels, showing that both groups were on missions from Clan Bear.  Liam’s group did not seem fearful of the Manticore and several players asked if they could ride the Manticore while it flew, a common request in the game.  Spinnett took the PCs who weren’t present and the horses around the Ravine while the rest of both groups made for the cable car system.

Little did the group know that they were walking right into Druid territory.  Both groups had been warned that the Druids were very wary of outsiders and care most about the preservation of the natural world.  As they approached the ravine, they heard rumbling on the ground.  Two huge mammoths, being ridden by druidic rangers, approached them.  As they tried to flee to the side, other druids with bows knocked corralled them together.  The Manticore, who had taken flight, was not threatened by the Druids as he is a “creature of nature”.  The Druids also recognized the “Kiss of the Moon” on several players.

The lead Druid explained that the party was a threat to the natural world.  Luckily, Ana had the letter of passage from the Priestess of Sylvanus at Clan Bear Outpost.  This stayed an immediate execution.  Instead, the party was granted the Worthiness Test.  This Test allows the party to be marked with confidence with the Druids to continue forward.

The Test is conducted in three phases around a centralized hollowed out tree that serves as their base.  They are the trials of the Mind, Strength, and Skill.  Liam DMed the Skill and Mind tests and I DMed the Strength test.  We did this to save time, but more importantly to give the players some choice.  They decided which four players would do each test, and then they weren’t aware of the results until each group was done.

I can’t say much about Liam’s group because I wasn’t there.  Liam designed the test of the Mind to be a letter switching cypher.  He started the group on that and then did the Test of Skill. I designed the test of skill and it was a variety of skill tests like lockpicking, door opening (could be forced or could be unlocked), climbing and trap avoidance.  Each player had to complete a challenge and they couldn’t see their challenge before attempting it.  The climbing challenge, in particular, was tough and the PC who attempted it fell into the water, but Liam had them swim to a metal grate and open it to escape.

The test of Strength was designed to be four Gladiator-like battles with each player fighting solo and not being able to see their foe before they fought them.  I built up the tension with the doors to the arena creaking and making noises as appropriate.  They had to fight:

1) Orc

2) Two kobolds

3) Two goblins

4) Bugbear

In that order.  They put their strongest fighter (the Manticore) on the two kobolds, who dispatched them easily.  Every player in this group did a great job of being creative.  Versus the Orc, Josh, who plays a half-orc, decided to weaken the resolve of the Orc by smashing its tusk-teeth.  After several attempts he succeeded (I made it an attack with disadvantage).  Ryan decided to simply intimidate the Goblins and the Druids were pleased that he did not take their lives.  Finally, Ali was out-matched by the Bugbear.  She got lucky in several rounds and managed to hamstring the creature to slow its movement.  She finally decided to do subdual damage to avoid killing it.  Since it was a tough foe I went with her creative actions and flubbed some rolls to help her survive the encounter.

So, the players secured the Totems of the Mind, Skill, and Strength to be able to gain passage across the Druid-controlled Cloud Step Ravine!

Part B of this report will include information on the Ravine crossing and wrapping up the Overday!


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