X-wing List for League

I have had Wave 5 in my hands for over a month now and have only played a handful of games.  Hey, the holidays are a busy season that makes gaming difficult until after the 25th.  There is league tonight at the 4Plus Club in Omaha and I’ll be there!

I knew immediately that I’ll be playing either a YT-2400 or a Decimator list.  Everybody is enamored with Decimators right now.  I don’t blame them.  In the right hands it looks devastating, but also needs to be played carefully.  I thought it might be fun here to play a double YT-2400 squad with some really great synergies.

Squad made by http://xwing-builder.co.uk/


I’ve been interested in Lando ever since he has been spoiled.  As an action, he allows you to roll two defense dice and any evade or focus results get placed on your ship.  That can be game-changing.  Evade tokens are very valuable in this game, especially on ships with not a lot of hull and shields.  So, I’ve set up a list designed to run YT-2400s with Lando, get the most out of Lando, and also get the most out of the special abilities on the ships while still getting a three-ship squad.

Lando is an action.  That is an immediate point against him.  So, how do we overcome that problem?  He needs to be able to take that action without interfering with the very fat action bar on a YT-2400.  Lando may result in nothing.  Each die has a 3/8 chance of coming up blank.  So, just relying on Lando as the usual action for a ship is a risky play.

There are two ways that this squad is designed to take Lando and also make him a smart play.  The first is the Experimental Interface modification.  EI seems to be made for Lando.  EI is kind of like a poor man’s Push the Limit when you don’t have an Elite Pilot Talent.  There are only two YT-2400s with Elite Pilot Talents and I don’t want to pay for Dash here.  What EI does is allow you to take a free action, after taking your normal action, from a card with the “Action” header.  The free action can’t come from your action bar.  Just like PtL, EI gives you a stress token after you use it.

The second way that I plan to use Lando is through Airen Cracken.  I know that everyone hates Z-95s, but Airen works perfectly for Lando.  After Airen attacks (and he does so before Eaden due to a higher pilot skill), he can grant a friendly ship within range 1 a free action.  Note that it doesn’t have to be a “likely” attack.  It could be at range three, just with the goal to trigger the action.  The free action could be Lando.  It could also be granting Eaden a barrel roll to get him more likely to avoid being rammed and continue to get actions next round.

Airen is also rocking predator to increase his chances of actually getting hits on someone.  Some may wonder: “Why waste predator on a ship like Airen?”  Well, I also want Airen to be viewed as a worthwhile target to keep the YT-2400s alive as long as possible.

Eaden’s special ability is to get one extra attack die when attacking a stressed ship.  This is where Leebo comes in.  I put Tactician and Lone Wolf on Leebo.  Tactician is there because when you attack a ship in your firing arc at range 2, that ship gets a stress token.  That may be difficult to pull off, and I may prefer to attack ships at range 1 with a target lock, but the option is there to grant stress to boost Eaden’s attack dice.  Barrel roll is an available action to get within range 2.

Lone Wolf is one of the best new cards for it’s cost.  Re-rolling attack dice is a huge part of the game.  Leebo will be usually taking a focus to support his attack die re-roll or a barrel roll to preserve range 2.  With a focus token, Leebo has a 6/8 chance to turn a blank result into a hit.  Leebo’s special ability is just icing.

In terms of positioning, the squad gets split.  Leebo stays outside of range 2 of Eaden and Airen to get Lone Wolf.  Eaden and Airen stick together so that they can concentrate fire and Airen can grant those free actions to Lando, whenever the situation presents itself.

Another option here is to go simpler:


This version acknowledges the fact that it could be difficult to get Tactician to work and the extra stress of Experimental Interface may not be worth the cost.  It trades those two cars for a Heavy Laser Cannon on Leebo.  Or:



In this last variation, I lose Predator on Airen and Tactician as a trade for the Heavy Laser Cannon.

I’m leaning to one of these last two now, because I find it hard to believe that Tactician is really going to proc enough, given its stringent requirements, to actually do much good.

Which version do you like best and why?  Comment below!


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