X-wing League Report

Well, I ran the very first squad that I posted yesterday.  Here are the results:

My Squad (once again, credit to http://xwing-builder.co.uk/ for the format and squad builder):


Leighton’s Squad:

Keyan Farlander

B/wing E2+ Ion Cannon + Advanced Sensors + Stay on Target

Dutch Vander

Ion Turret + R2 Astromech + other stuff?

Tycho Celchu

Push the Limit + Daredevil + Experimental Interface

I never do a good job of writing down my opponent’s squads!  Leighton has this interesting combo where Tycho uses those three cards to get two stress and three actions every round.  Tycho’s special ability allows him to take actions despite stress.  So, Leighton took a focus, evade and did the Daredevil maneuver every round, making him very nasty, but still only a two attack ship.

Right away, I learned what I had feared:  you can’t get two Landos in the same round.  I should have realized that.  I’m just not up on definitions. My fault.  Extra actions can’t be the same throughout the entire turn, even free actions.  But, I found that just taking the focus action and Lando, or a target lock and Lando was still useful.

I started the game by concentrating fire on Keyan.  I had a chance to kill him with one hull left and he survived.  During this time, Airen was ionized, but still got some great damage rolls in.  I rolled really well in this game.  Several three hit natural rolls.  Leighton cut me a break in that he clearly could have ionized me off the board in the mid game but didn’t.  He did ionize Eaden off the board near the end.  I focused down Dutch right before Eaden left the board in order to get rid of that ion cannon.  It was important to get rid of him because Leebo already had an ion token on him.  It was left to Leebo with five hull and a shield versus a two hull Tycho and a three hit roll finished him off.

During the game, I think I rolled two focus, one focus, one focus, one evade, and nothing with Lando.  Definitely worth the six point cost of him and EI, in my opinion.  The timing is conditional, limiting its utility a little, but its better to have all of those extra tokens than not having them at all, for six points.

Leighton was a gracious opponent because I made a lot of mistakes and he was clearly interested in both squads being played to the fullest.  I got some great advice from Sean and Leighton at the end.  They agreed that Tactician wasn’t doing much and that Predator on Airen is likely a waste.  They also weren’t terribly keen on a Heavy Laser Cannon on a YT-2400 since its locked forward.

I only got one game in because I got called in for New Years Eve at home but I’m happy that I could even get that amount of participation.

The real question is, what to play for the tournament tomorrow?  Well, I’ve been wanting to play Arvel with Intimidation. I also feel like I’ll need more firepower in a tournament.

The squad builder is down at the moment, so here is the text.  99 points.

 Arvel Crynyd 23 + A-wing Test Pilot (0) + Chardaan Refit (-2) + Intimidation (2)

Wedge Antilles (29) + Predator (3)

Blue Squadron Pilot (22)

Blue Squadron Pilot (22)

Pretty self explanatory.  Arvel rams stuff to give them -1 Agility.  He can also shoot while ramming.  Decimator laughs at Arvel, but there will be other targets.  Wedge and the two Blues wreck stuff.  Wedge is potentially reducing a ship’s agility by two.  Maneuvering appropriately is important with a lower pilot skill on Arvel, but he’s swarm insurance in that regard.  Elegant.  I like it.


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