Savage Worlds War of the Dead

My friend DJ is putting together an interesting Savage Worlds game for us to play tonight!

The premise is that George Romero never made Night of the Living Dead.  The zombie genre of science fantasy/fiction doesn’t exist.  The characters in this RPG are living non heroic lives with no prior knowledge of the “rules” of zombiism when zombies attack!

The approach to this game has to be to make a purposely unexceptional character. In preparation, I watched a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers on Netflix.  I was extremely skeptical at the start.  What saved it for me is that there is a short segment at the end explaining (shortly) what the actual consensus is on the rationales of the preppers.  I used these episodes as a base for my first character.  I will need several more characters.

Name: Skylar Apalon

Age: 28

Occupation: Data Analyst

Residence: Jefferson City, MO

Traveling with: Nobody

Wealth: Upper Middle Class

Items that he carries: 500 bucks in cash, large buck knife, wallet, sunglasses, survivalist handbook that he compiled personally (geological catastrophe edition), suitcase of clothes, sundries, cell phone

Skylar is convinced that the apocalypse is imminent and he is taking this vacation to have one last hurrah on Earth.  He believes that within the next two years, every volcano on Earth will erupt simultaneously and (in his words) cover all the land in lava.  The seas will boil.  He has meticulously calculated his reasoning why this will occur, and the data boils down to him feeling a mild earthquake for the first time ten years ago.  This vacation is safe because he has about two years to go.  His plan for the future is to hide in his insulated bunker that he has constructed underground for a week for all of the lava to cool and then to emerge using digging equipment.  The bunker has all of the food and water necessary in his bunker.  He has cached seeds to plant crops in the rich volcanic soil.  He also has a colony of guinea pigs that he has been breeding for food as the crops grow .  In truth, their population is getting out of control.  There is not enough volume in the space for him to have air to breathe for a week with the guinea pigs.  The metal door of his bunker would be melted by lava.  The bunker itself is nicer than his living quarters.

Skylar’s savings is entirely in gold bullion under his mattress and hidden in caches underground.  Most of the rest of his savings have gone into the bunker.  After the lava coats the Earth’s surface, he plans to emerge and use the gold bullion to barter for additional food from the government officials that he “knows” already have survival bunkers to supplement his guinea pig supply.  He has trained in fire arms and knife fighting in case the government officials won’t cooperate or view in a threat.  He hasn’t thought to discuss a plan with them ahead of time.  He is not very good at at either combat form as he is neither strong nor dextrous and spends a great deal of his time caring for the guinea pig colony.


Human Blowhard

 Agility 1d4

Smarts 1d6

Spirit 1d6

Strength 1d4

Vigor 1d4

Charisma 0

Pace 6

Parry 4

Toughness 4

Fighting d4

Repair d6

Knowledge (Computers) d6

Shooting d4

Taunt d4

Hindrances: Clueless (Major), Delusional (Major), Phobia (shaking) (Minor)

Skylar’s stats reflect his unbackable confidence in his own stupidity and his training as a data analyst.  He is the classic decent intelligence with no wisdom character.

My second character:

Beatrice Marian

Age: 31

Occupation: Librarian

Residence: Cooper’s Gate, Kansas

Traveling with: Girlfriends Hattie, Katie and Jenny

Wealth: Lower Middle Class

Items that she carries: 200 bucks in cash, purse, sunglasses, traveling hat, volume of Emerson, suitcase of clothes, sundries

Beatrice grew up on a farm in Kansas.  Her parents encouraged her to follow her passions of reading.  She took up shooting as a hobby to get closer to her father and eventually became a champion shooter.  This got her the scholarships needed to go to college to study Library Science.

She is on this cruise at the request of some of her girlfriends in town.  They’ve been slowly saving money together to get away from small town life and explore the world.  Beatrice is particularly looking forward to this trip because it will allow her to see and learn about the ocean, which she has only seen on TV.


Human Librarian

 Agility d8

Smarts d8

Spirit d6

Strength d4

Vigor d4

Charisma 0

Pace 6

Parry 2

Toughness 4

Healing d6

Investigation d8

Notice d6

Knowledge (Battle) d4

Knowledge (Computers) d4

Knowledge (Literature) d8

Shooting d8

Hindrances: Bad Eyes (Minor), Pacifist (Minor)

Beatrice is my “surprise” character who everyone will underestimate until the off chance arises in which she gets her hands on a weapon or needs to lead people.

Should be fun!


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