Faber Castell Grip 1345 Review

There are several key German pencil manufacturers.  Some of them only sell in Europe and Japan, leaving a gap in the US market.  I was lucky enough to get a hold of a gentleman in France, named Peter, who was willing to do a trade for pencils that are difficult to get in each of our respective countries.

I was watching You Tube videos about pencils when I came across a gentleman looking to obtain a Tul pencil from the US.  I happened to have an extra one on hand.  We started exchanging emails and arranged for him to send me this pencil.  It is next to impossible to get Faber-Castell mechanical pencils in the US, without going to eBay.  Even then, you can’t guarantee that the pencil is genuine and not a knock off.  So, thank you Peter for the exchange!  Postage was much more expensive on my end so Peter has offered to send another pencil sometime this month.

Faber-Castell Grip 1345 Review



Peter was able to select from several colors and green was my favorite, so that is immediately a mark in this pencil’s favor.  It is available in four colors.




As you can see, an extendable eraser.  The top of the pencil twists to extend the eraser, like Pentel Twist pencils.  There is very little play in the eraser mechanism when you erase.  I also like the skinny extendable eraser because it is the best of all worlds.  Lots of eraser yet small enough to be precise!

20141230_154253The pencil is called “Grip”, but I’m not crazy about the grip.  It feels good in the hand.  The Grip isn’t bad, just not my ideal.  Note the attractive gold identifying marks on the side.  This pencil looks classy.  Not visible in this picture, there is a reflective scan sticker on the back that says Grip 1345 Japan.  The lead sleeve is conical.  This is a writing instrument, not a drafting pencil.  Each click dispenses an amount of lead similar to most Staedtlers.

The pocket clip is metal and solid.

I’m not sure of the exact pricing but on cultpens they’re going for about four Euro.

Pros: retractable sleeve, excellently-sized extendable eraser, nifty styling, quality pocket clip

Cons: big rubber grip

Overall impressions?  Think of the Staedtler Triplus Micro 774 but with more conventional styling.  They are very similar in most every other respect, and that is a complement.

Will it be making the Top Ten?  As I said in my last pencil post, I’m waiting to review all of my Holiday acquisitions before revisiting the list.  Will this make the cut?  Hard to say.  If the Triplus Micro does, I can’t see why this one wouldn’t!  You’ll have to wait and see.


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