Thinking about another game of Fire Emblem: Awakening

The big question I’m wrestling with is what mode to go on.

FE:A has two basic game settings:  You can pick difficulties of Normal, Hard and Lunatic and you can set the game mode to Classic or Casual.  In Classic, when a character dies, they are gone…FOREVER.

I played the game first on Hard Classic.  It was really challenging, but I got a good sense of satisfaction out of it.  Classic is good motivation to do your best.  But, I’ve been very busy lately and I’m not sure that I want the pressure of Hard Classic.

So, I’m thinking about doing a Normal Classic run.  I want the risk of “perma-death”, but I just don’t want to expend the mental effort to have to work really hard to prevent it.  Consider it more like a story mode run.  I won’t have to worry so much about equipment management, and I can focus on just enjoying it.


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