X-wing Tournament Report

On Friday I played an X-wing tournament at Dragon’s Lair and did well.

My squad is the one that I posted here on Thursday of last week, but here it is again:

Arvel Crynyd + A-wing Test Pilot + Chaardan Refit + Intimidation

Wedge + Predator

Blue Squadron B-wing

Blue Squadron B-wing

Round 1

My opponent rocked a “Hammer and Sickel” style squad but with Chiraneau and an Interceptor.

Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Gunner + Darth Vader + Push the Limit + Ysanne Isard + Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Dauntless + Tactical Jammer

Kir Kanos (24) + Royal Guard TIE + Targeting Computer + Stealth Device

Holy crud.  Chiraneau’s ability allows you to turn one focus into a crit on an attack.  So, basically Gunner gives an extra attack if you miss on attack, Vader can do one auto damage if you take two damage yourself. Push the Limit gives an extra action for a stress, Ysanne Isard gives a free evade action if you have no shields and at least one hull damage, Advanced Torps are a five dice range 1 attack that turns up to three focus to hits, Dauntless allows you to take an action when overlapping at the cost of a stress and Tactical Jammer allows a large ship to obstruct enemy attacks.

Kanos’ ability lets you spend an evade token to add a hit.  Royal Guard TIE lets you equip two modifications, Targeting Computer gives you the Target Lock action and Stealth Device gives you another agility until hit.

The game started out well.  I got some big hits from Wedge and the Bs on his Decimator.  He accidentally hung Kir Kanos on an asteroid.  I damaged the Dauntless pretty heavily in turn 2, but it went downhill from there.

I miscalculated one move and lost a bunch of actions.  He got Wedge down to one hull and killed him with Vader. My B-wings got completely out of position and Ysanne Isard’s evade tokens really made it difficult.  Basically I learned that the Decimator in this list is built for the end game and I didn’t damage it quick enough.  I got the Decimator down to four hull points and lost everything.  Didn’t kill a single ship.  It all came down to one poor move on my part that cascaded to me being out of position and then my attacks went cold.  Such is X-wing.

But hey, I got into the loser’s bracket early!  Yay! 😉

Round 2

I feel lucky that I got to play a game versus a former student, Morgan.  He is a Game Club alumni and it is always enjoyable to play games with him.  He played Star Wars Miniatures a little bit back in the day and he has been playing X-wing a lot longer than me.  Advantage Morgan.

Morgan’s Squad:

A clone of my Arvel

Dash Rendar + Leebo + Push the Limit + Outrider + Anti-Pursuit lasers + Autoblaster

2X Bandit Squadron Z-95s

A quick rundown on Dash:

Leebo is an action and allows you to do a Boost Action without the ability on your card at the cost of an ion token.  This ended up being my undoing, kinda.  Autoblaster is a three dice range 1 attack in which any regular hits can’t be evaded.  Outrider gives Autoblaster a 360 arc but primary weapon attacks aren’t allowed.  Anti Pursuit Lasers give a chance at damage whenever an enemy overlaps your ship.  Push the Limit as above.  Its in virtually every list for a reason.

It started pretty strong with me waxing Arvel before he could do much of anything.  He got Wedge and then I got one of his Bandits.

It was looking pretty bad for Morgan as I got a lot of hits on Dash.  I noticed after a few rounds that Morgan could slow play for the win after killing Arvel since I had more than half my squad in those two ships.  I’m guessing Morgan noticed this too and there was a tense moment for me in which I was sure he was going to slow play me because we got the five minute warning.  Whether he intended to or not, I did my moves very quickly to squeeze in one more round.  Morgan was able to move Dash far away from my ships and then use Leebo to boost him even farther.  One of my B-wings was out of position and my other B-wing got him down to one hull point.  Game over.  He and I both made mistakes, and if it wasn’t a timed game I would have beaten him.  C’est la vie.  That’s how the game is played.  It was a super fun game and I was glad I got to play him!

Round 3

My opponent for this game is an experienced player and he also happens to be a very nice guy who I hope to play many games against in the future.  His name is Bill.  He was a very gracious opponent.  One of the best I’ve played.

Bill’s squad:

Wedge + Expose

Biggs + Stealth Device

Corran + R7-T1?

It was a real elegant squad.  Simple, but effective.

Expose allows you, as an action, to increase attack by one for the round in exchange for one less defense.

I’m struggling to remember which astromech Bill had on Corran.  I wrote down “K5”, but there is no such astromech in the game.  The only one with a K is R5-K6 but I don’t remember him ever using that.  Maybe if you see this Bill, you can clarify and I’ll correct it.

This was the first time I’ve ever faced Wedge and man, did it show.  Bill was able to do a great job controlling who I could attack.  Luckily, I put some heavy hits on Corran right out of the gate and that basically saved me.  With Corran down, I found myself trying to manage my arcs.  In the middle of the game I had a few shots on Wedge without Biggs being a target and I got very few hits.

As time was called, I was able to kill Wedge and get the victory.

Hey, I won a game!  And had two close ones!    This was arguably my best tournament showing.

There is a lot coming down the pipe on this blog.  I will report on our Savage Worlds game from Sunday, and I will be trying out a video review of a mechanical pencil.  So stay tuned.


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