Savage Worlds Report

Last Sunday we played Savage Worlds War of the Dead campaign!

The most memorable part of our first game was by far the characters.  Here’s the setup.

We were all asked to play a “normal” person that would be taking a cruise.  We had to come up with a minimal backstory that included why we were on the cruise, what we had with us, and, of course, what our methodology for playing our characters.

I’ve already posted my character.  His name is Skylar and he’s a conspiracy theorist preparing for an impossible geologic disaster.  Some of the quirks I introduce during our first game, in which we emphasized introductions, were the following:

-constantly alluding to the fact that the world was about to end

-asking for combat advice from the Bodyguard

-typing in his “google searches” into the chat window (we distance game), all of which are misspelled idiotic phrases.

The other character’s included:

Jack played a young graduate student on vacation with his girlfriend, whom he was about to (and did!) propose to.

Jamie played a creepy old perv who is writing a book.

Liz played a famous pop star celebrity who is a really over the top glam/scene girl and Jon played her Bodyguard, probably the most capable of all of us.

DJ GMed and started us off with “winning” dinner with the Captain and an oil magnate.  In a short time, the passengers and crew started becoming zombies.  Of course, our characters don’t know about zombies.  This is the first time they have existed in this game world.  So, the challenge becomes feigning ignorance and playing our character as best as we can.  I took this as an opportunity to go on and on about how the body of the oil magnate clearly had “oil poisoning” and I took the opportunity to invent the symptoms.

Liz gets the award for most over-the-top portrayal.  I have always known that Liz was creative and it came as no surprise to me.  She hasn’t role-played much (ever?) but her experience in English and her extroverted personality translate well to role-playing.

It was a fun evening and we will continue the game this weekend!



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